PREVAL – JUST LIKE IRAN -HOLDS AMERICAN HOSTAGE Haiti judge: New charge for US missionary leader-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — The last of 10 American missionaries detained in Haiti on suspicion of kidnapping is facing a new charge.

Judge Bernard Saint-Vil says Laura Silsby has been charged for a newly discovered, alleged attempt to bus child earthquake survivors to the Dominican Republic on Jan. 26.

She already could face trial on kidnapping and criminal-association charges from her group’s attempt to take 33 children across the border without permission three days later.

Saint-Vil has added the new charge of “organization of irregular trips,” from a 1980 law restricting travel out of Haiti that was signed by then-dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier.

The judge said Friday he has until early May to decide whether to release Silsby or order a trial.



Most have missed the Preval/Bellerive blackmail of the American Government.

The unfortunate missionaries, who tried to save some small children from the immediate starvation and chaos following the 12 January quake, were arrested and held by the Preval/Bellerive Government. Bellerive called for severe penalties even though evidence indicated naive innocence, on the part of the Americans.

Most of the Baptists were released, after some time in the Haitian jail.

The said how much they liked Haiti and would be happy to return. The police had treated them well.

But their leader has been held as a hostage to fore Obama’s hand on the release of relief funding, directly to the Preval government.

Preval wants the funds released into the direct care of his government so it can be stolen!! He will not be subtle. He will take the money and give the finger to Obama and the International Community firm in hiis own personal belief that he will finish his term and then be given impunity…. allowed to keep the hundreds of millions he has already stolen.

Preval must be stopped!!!

No Impunity.

Preval must be judged and his stolen wealth returned to the Haitian people!!!


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  1. Amen brother; but this is Haitian culture , after all. So can we really expect anything better from a country that is at least 2000 years behind. Did you ever have chance to read ‘ The African Mind and Money Matters’? Until the attitude changes, progress on the ground will be slow indeed. But we must continue to make every effort. Incidently, how much money have you given from your own resources?

    1. To answer the above comment- I have given the last quarter century of my life to helping, and every cent of my life savings went into constructing orphanages and schools. I still work with my hands building structures, and medical facilities, and I am not young man any more- If you are going to ask that sort of question, perhaps state your own contributions as well, as to not belittle what others have given-Especially with you being in Canada right now instead of here in Haiti helping.

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