Presidentielles: Resultats du Sondage Online de la Semaine du 15 Septembre-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

1. Jean Henry Ceant: 50%

2. Michel Martelly: 16%

3. Charles Henry Baker: 16% avec quelques votes de moins

4. Mirlande Manigat: 8%

5. Jacques Edouard Alexis et l’option Mon Candidat Boycott ont recus respectivement: 2%

6. Jude Celestin, Leslie Voltaire. 0% avec quatre votes

7. Chavannes Jeune, Leon Jeune 0% avec deux votes

8. Axan Abellard, Eric Charles, Genard Joseph, Garaudy Laguerre, Yvon Neptune, Yves Christallin, Josette Bijou avec un seul vote totalisant 0%

9. Wilson Jeudy, Jean Hector Anacacis , Gerard Blot aucun vote

Pour les details consultez Le prochain sondage debute le Lundi 27 Spetembre

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This poll was forwarded to us by Stanley Lucas, who is not a great fan of Jean-Henry Ceant, but Stanley does tell things as they are.

This poll indicates the actual trend we have seen throughout Haiti. It also reflects the spoken comments by many, many people we have contact with around the country.

For whatever reason, it seems that Jean-Henry Ceant’s popularity has accelerated over a period of time and he does not start his official campaign until September 27th. Before considering the possibility of becoming a canidate, Ceant created an organization to help Haiti. AIMER HAITI was in place with its hospital before the January 12 earthquake and was one of the surviving units in place to assist quake victims

Many volunteer American medical teams joined his effort. Some are still in Haiti with AIMER HAITI’s hospital.

Every morning, hundreds of people are waiting at the gates. AIMER HAITI treats an average of 500 children, per day, plus adult patients. We have visited this facility, and others,still dealing with the medical demands of the people.

It would seem that the people know Ceant worked to help them after the quake while the other candidates were invisible.

Perhaps a good deed will pay off on this occasion.

President Preval recognizes the dangers and created a poll that showed Ceant way down the list. Preval hopes to contrive a situation in which he can steal the vote for his own choice, in much the same way he stole the 2006 election. In 2006 Preval had 23% of the vote when MINUSTAH associates decided to mandate a 51% for Preval, “to avoid the expense of a run-off.”

The International Community must do everything in its power to guarantee a fair and honest ballot. Otherwise Haiti will really become a failed nation with absolutely no Hope.

A real election cannot be held with the existing CEP. It cannot be held with Preval meddling in each and every aspect of the election. His term is over and he should not be involved with the mechanics.

Is anyone out there listening??


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1 thought on “Presidentielles: Resultats du Sondage Online de la Semaine du 15 Septembre-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

  1. Ceant must watch out for Preval and Elizabeth.

    Like a cornered dog, Preval will become much dangerous as he thinks of Justice for his and Elizabeth’s many crimes.

    Preval has killed in past and would not hesitate now to kill more.

    Ceant might be our prayer but must live.

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