Postponement of the Back to School

Haiti - Education : Postponement of the Back to School

To less than two weeks of September 2, the official date for the Back to School, voices are raised almost everywhere in the country to request the postponement of this date.

The Union of Parents of Progressive Students of Haiti (UPEPH) announced that it had received the complaints of thousands of parents who claim not to be able to meet the obligations related to the back to school. Many parents have not yet claimed the school records of their children, for the past academic year for lack of money.

In the various public schools of Cap Haitien, parents and students are not rushing to complete the formalities for the new school year, a similar situation found in other departments.

After analyzing of the situation, it was decided Wednesday to the Council of Government, that the date of the back to school will be postponed to Tuesday, October 1, 2013.


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  1. Free school big government budget, big salary for Sofia and ti Miki.Guys tel the truth where is the president….. HAITI ON ICE.

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