June 1, 2019

Michael Collins:

We must understand where PNH Chief Michel Ange Gedeon came from before we can understand the game that is being played.

His philosophical values are deeply rooted in Lavalas, with an ongoing loyalty to Aristide. He makes late night visits to Aristide’s lair in Tabarre, sometimes after 2 A.M. entering the property through a secluded   entrance on a side street. On many occasions he participated in Voodoo ceremonies with the Little Priest and his associates. For those familiar with the street, there is a basketball net in the middle of the road, directly in front of this entrance.

Aristide sponsored Gedeon to study at the Inter-American Defense College, an OAS controlled entity.

When Privert pirated the Presidency he made no secret of his ultimate goal, the creation of a Lavalas government. During his unconstitutional/illegal retention of the Presidency, Privert injected many time-bombs into the infrastructure inherited by President Jovenel Moise. Thousands of new additions to the civil service, a variety of long-term contracts and one key element, a new Police Chief in the form of Michel Ange Gedeon, with a contract that extended deeply into the Jovenel Moise mandate – July, 2019.

President Moise should have selected his own PNH Director General, who would surround himself with officers loyal to the Moise Presidency. Instead, we have Gedeon, who has built up a team of Lavalas people to cap the PNH infrastructure.

The infection is a deep one.

The American and Canadian embassies, along with other diplomatic representatives, know of Gedeon’s $1,000,000 residence in Coral Springs, and his major accounts with the Bank of America. They know that his family is already in residence there. His children attend school in Coral Springs.

How did he manage this on his PNH wage?


Other, less charitable observers suggest cocaine.

During the July, 2018 melt-down that saw many businesses attacked and destroyed with Senator Don Kato setting up a warehouse to accommodate looted material (fridges, stoves, TVs, micro-waves, etc) PNH Chief Gedeon used a simple technique.

The demonstrators would gather near the airport and move up Delmas. Then Gedeon, and his staff, would shut off their cell phones so that PNH officers at the scene of the chaos could not obtain proper instructions.

Another ploy people will remember. He said that he kept the  PNH in its casernes because “ THEY DIDN’T HAVE FUEL FOR THEIR VEHICLES!”

“Port-au-Prince, le 9 juillet 2018.- Le Directeur général de la Police nationale d’Haïti (PNH) a évoqué le « manque d’effectif » pour justifier la passivité des policiers au moment où des individus s’adonnaient au pillage de certaines entreprises à Pétion-ville et à Delmas, entre autres.

Emeute de l’essence : Le Directeur de la police justifie la passivité de ses agents face aux actes de pillage”

This comment is more suited to the Flintstones than to our professional PNH.

But he said it, and the government tolerated this act of arrogant abandonment of his duties as Director General of our PNH.

During November of 2018 there was a call for trucks to dump loads of rocks at key intersections. Gedeon promised the terrorists there would be no PNH intervention.

And this happened. I can remember being trapped by two strategically placed loads of gravel in front of the Ministry of Agriculture in Damien. Three cars in front of us were burned. We managed to escape down a side road.

But that is in the past.

We now have a major crisis that threatens the survival of our Nation!

Two attempts to seat a new government – that of Interim-Prime Minister Lapin – were effectively derailed as four opposition, Lavalas Senators disrupted the Senate sessions. Senators, Don Kato, Beauplan, Pierre and Nenel Cassy abandoned the Democratic process, a process that allows different viewpoints to be expressed and the majority vote respected.

Two disasters and a third session called to approve our new government, scheduled for May 30, 2019. As a precaution against a third assault on Democracy, by Don Kato, Beauplan, Pierre and Nenel Cassy, Senate President Cantave coordinated with PNH Director General Gedeon to ensure a safe and secure meeting of the Senate.

Gedeon promised to have the place saturated with PNH officers from the evening of May 29 through May 30.  

May 30 dawned with no PNH presence at the Senate as Don Kato, Beauplan, Pierre and Nenel Cassy arrived, accompanied by over 100 armed terrorists, many carrying illegal assault rifles. The four Senators then set about destroying the electrical hooks up and all furnishings, making any use of the facility impossible.

And,  what about Director General Gedeon’s promise?

The PNH should have been present, to prevent the assault, and to arrest those involved. Even if they only arrested those with illegal weapons, their buses would have been filled with prisoners.

No PNH!!

Senate President Cantave shed some light on the subject. He stated that his efforts to contact Gedeon, on the phone, from early on the evening of May 29, and through the night were thwarted as Gedeon failed to answer.

Then, after Don Kato’s team had destroyed the Senate, he answered his phone at 09:30.

When Senator Cantave demanded an explanation, Gedeon said, to the effect, “Both of my phones were discharged.”

It is in line with the kid’s “Dog ate my homework” excuse when the student was  confronted by his teacher. It is an example of the total disrespect that Gedeon has for Haiti, and its 12,000,000 citizens.

Gedeon took an out to “Proteger & Servir.”

Michel Ange Gedeon has neither Protected nor Served the Haitian people.

He serves a different master and this master lives at Tabarre, remaining the puppet-master behind the scenes, contaminating our population through transmissions from RADIO TI MOUN.

President Moise is at an important crossroads for his Presidency, and the Nation.

There is a possibility that some 72 Deputies may resign, effectively dissolving Parliament. This presents a magical moment for President Moise to act under the terms of our Constitution’s Article 136.


The President of the Republic, who is the Head of State, shall see to the respect for and enforcement of the Constitution and the stability of the institutions. He shall ensure the regular operations of the public authorities and the continuity of the State.

With the Parliament effectively gone, President Moise can move forward to re-write the Constitution, a concept supported by the International Community. The Senate should be abolished since it adds nothing to Haitian life other than chaos, and a massive theft from the State treasury.

With the present situation, elections this fall are impossible. President Moise  delay the scheduled elections, and coordinate them at a later date,

There should be no embarrassment in asking for help. The International Community stands ready to assist.

However, in order to move forward, President Moise must have his own team, a team loyal to him and the Nation – not Aristide who sits in the center of his spider web at Tabarre.

Michel Ange Gedeon should be fired/retired and paid the balance of his contract.

A new, effective Director General could then be selected to bring the PNH back into the role is is pledged to serve.  The new Director General could purge the upper echelon of Gedeon/Aristide loyalists, replacing them with a loyalty to their duty and Haiti’s 12,000,000 citizens.

If Gedeon is left in place, he will be the author of bigger and more damaging events between now and his retirement in July.



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