PM takes care of demobilized soldiers

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Haiti - FLASH : PM takes care of demobilized soldiers

Tuesday, the Secretary General of the Primature, Maridès Ménager Alexandre, proceeded to the installation of the new Council of Management Office of Demobilized Military (BGMD – created by decree October 13, 2004).

This new Council, under the coordination of Colonel Jean Claude Jeudy, aims to work with the Government of Enex Jean-Charles, to gradually address the legitimate frustrations of demobilized soldiers (over 5,000), facilitate their integration in civil life recruit 1,500 border guards, liquidate the 3rd tranche of compensation to demobilized soldiers and create a pension fund for them.

In his remarks for the occasion, Ms. Alexandre expressed satisfaction of this installation that “reflects the will of the Administration Privert/Jean-Charles to identify in all its dimensions the problem of demobilized soldiers […] and do not neglect, despite its temporal limits, no folder of national interest.”


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