Photo GALLERY of TENT CAMPS- What is wrong with these photos?

The International Community uses this shot of the nice tents and Red Cross logo in support of their claims that over 50% of the Haitians needing shelter have been satisfied.  The nice tents are a small part of the truth.  If one focused upon the nice tents with a telephoto lens – from across the street…as I did …. and then pull back to a wider shot you would see the full and true reality revealing itself.

The other 3 photos, of this 4 photo series, but directly against the few nice tents…on their left and right hand sides.  The miserable, ghastly, unsatisfactory, deadly reality is that  hundreds of thousands, perhaps a million..1,000,000 … (it looks more substantial in numbers) are facing death as the rainy season starts.

The illnesses occurring now will weaken generations to come.

And now, the World Bank has announced a grant of $70,000,000 to the Government of Haiti for rebuilding infrastructure. This simply means that President Preval has another few millions to steal.

When will someone step in and stop this accelerating disaster??!!!

Or will this just become the subject of retrospective works, written in some distant time when all these people are dead??

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  1. I stood right in that very spot, back in May, 2010. I saw a man ‘panning’ through the mud and water to find loose change or anything of value.

    This is very dangerous and can spread disease very easily. Why isn’t anything being done????

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