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“We want our voices to be heard”: Democracy in Haiti’s Earthquake Zone

by Laura Flynn “We are living in the mud. We are wet and we are hungry. Those in charge have left us without hope. If…

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Mild tremor shakes Haiti but no damage reported

Associated Press 2010-05-04 04:16 AM People ran screaming from buildings Monday as a mild tremor rattled a Haitian capital still traumatized by the deadly Jan….

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News from Latin America and the Caribbean Haitians reunite with families in Mexico

April 27, 2010 | 1:21 pm A group of 20 men, women and children arrived on Mexican shores over the weekend from earthquake-torn Haiti, bringing…

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DDT can stymie malaria-carrying mosquitoes in Haiti

BY HENRY I. MILLER On top of the almost unimaginable devastation caused by January’s earthquake in Haiti, the nation is bracing for the ravages…

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Haiti restores some international mail services with UN support

3 May 2010 – Haiti announced today that it was partially resuming international mail services for the first time since the January earthquake ravaged much…

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May 03, 2010 Chris Van Gorder, president and chief executive officer of Scripps Health, a nonprofit community-based health care delivery network in San Diego, visited…

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3 May 2010 Albert Ramdin, the number two at OAS – Organization of American States, visited Haiti and met with  leaders of the nation’s political…

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Rainy season threatens earthquake-battered Haiti With many displaced people still living in tent camps, floodwaters could wash away what the temblor didn’t destroy.-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

The first group of residents from the Petionville Club camp were bused to the dust-blown Corail Cesselesse campsite northwest of Port-au-Prince on April 10. (Liz…

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Adopting Haitian children can mean a long wait: Silverhill family enjoyed fast push through ‘tiny window of opportunity’

By Press-Register Correspondent May 02, 2010, 8:01AM Bill Starling, Press-Register Staff Photographer—Chris and Natalie Lewis sit in February for a portrait with their 10 children…

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FLASH FLOOD WARNING!!! Haiti to be innundated from above

1715 Hours May 2, 2010 and a few drop of rain spotted the dusty glass table on our patio. The  droplets increased, forcing us to…

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Scientology, Accused of Snooping on Celebs, Lashes Out at Anderson Cooper-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Cult leaders are worried about defector Amy Scobee’s new book, out later this month, which alleges that church leaders snoop in celebrity files for fun….

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Gov. officials to report on Haiti-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

By Max HarroldMay 2, 2010 12:02 PM PORT AU PRINCE, HAITI; JANUARY 19, 2010 — Patients wait for treatment by international volunteers at the Family…

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In Haiti’s shattered capital, metal scavengers take to the streets-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Metal scavenging and salvaging in Haiti In Port-au-Prince, Haiti, recovery is ongoing and any sense of normal life is still being pursued. To that end,…

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Illinois coroner helps ID bodies in Haiti

Brad Targhetta, back row, in center, and some of his team outside the collapsed building in Haiti. (Brad B. Targhetta/P-D) BY GREG JONSSON ST. LOUIS…

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Celebs flock to Haiti — but does it help? Celebs who flocked Haiti since the quake aren’t just show ponies. They’ve donated millions, and one is holed up in a tent city as its unofficial ‘mayor.’

BY TRENTON DANIEL PORT-AU-PRINCE — Only hours earlier, Michelle Obama had drawn a purple fish for a bunch of kids in a school bus-turned-classroom…

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Tejada, Orioles have not forgotten Haiti Infielder presents aid check from team’s charitable foundation

Infielder presents aid check from team’s charitable foundation By Brittany Ghiroli / BALTIMORE — Prior to Friday’s series opener against the Red Sox, infielder Miguel Tejada presented…

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Haiti demands bribe to clear Stockton relief shipment-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Courtesy Rob Connor, head of maintenance at Quail Lakes Baptist Church, loads relief supplies onto an 18-wheeler bound for Miami and Haiti. By Michael Fitzgerald…

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Haiti’s Son Provides Source of Hope for Homeland Indianapolis Wide Receiver Pierre Garcon Distributes Free Food, Helps Rural Orphanage Provide Children Home

Lyons/Getty Pierre Garcon, whose parents were born in Haiti, proudly displays country’s flag after Colts’ 20-3By Jeff Glor Indianapolis Colt Pierre Garcon gives out food…

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Preparing Haiti for Exploitation and Plunder-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Stephen Lendman – Writer Preparing Haiti for Exploitation and Plunder – by Stephen Lendman Over 15 weeks post-quake, Haiti’s imperial takeover is proceeding. It began…

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Michelle Obama’s recent sortie into Haiti was a mission to test the waters for a  visit by President Obama. Secret Service representatives have already been…