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Haiti - Reconstruction : Opening ceremony of the Lycée Alexandre Pétion

Thursday, President Michel Martelly accompanied by his wife Sophia Martelly, Prime Minister Evans Paul and several members of the Government including the Minister of National Education, Nesmy Manigat went to the Lycée Alexandre Pétion in Port-au-Prince, for the inauguration of the new premises of the establishment. Note that the former President of the Republic, Mr. Boniface Alexandre, a former student of Lycée Alexandre Pétion was also present.

In his speech for the occasion, the President Martelly declared “From its 199 years, the Lycée Alexandre Pétion is the first secular education institution in the Caribbean. As education involves the participation of all, the management of the new Lycée Alexandre Pétion must be inclusive. Today, I feel proud to say to the people of Bel Air, their children will go to the best school in Haiti.Bel Air is a model today. This example must spread to many other disadvantaged areas of the country. I told all the students ‘kraze bèt nou’ because tomorrow is one of you who will be in my place. It is you who have the reins of the country in your hands.

I encourage students to take advantage of the new technologies available to them in this new facility. The new Lycée Alexandre Pétion must be a digital high school in its contents and in its organization.

[…] I remain convinced that in the education sector, nothing will be as before. No government, no leader can now ignore the burning issue of universal schooling. I want that reconstruction is an unequivocal signal often expressed of my vision for a redefinition of the Haitian school.” Following his speech, the Head of State delivered digital tablets to teachers and a few students from the Lycée Alexandre Pétion.

“I feel proud to participate in the inauguration of the new premises of the Lycée Alexandre Pétion, a national pride,” launched the Prime Minister Paul

“The reconstruction of the Lycée Alexandre Pétion is the high school pride,” said for his part, the Director Nicolas Mathurin.

On this occasion the Prime Minister and the Head of State were honored by the High School students in token of appreciation for this great achievement.

The construction of this high school was conducted by the firm IBT Group Haiti, office of the multinational IBT (headquartered in Miami FL) under the supervision of CSA Group, the Ministry of Planning and External Cooperation, acting as prime contractor. The school, with an area of 9,400 m2 includes 43 classrooms for both attendances, with a capacity of 2,600 students, 167 teachers and 33 administrative employees. It also includes 5 laboratories of 12 seats each, an auditorium with 250 seats, a conference room, two room of censorship, a library, two computer labs with 25 seats each, a multi-sports field, infirmary and cafeteria, among others. The reconstruction work of the High School was funded by the PetroCaribe funds.

Learn more about the Lycée Alexandre Pétion :
Let’s recall that the Lycée Alexandre Pétion was founded in 1816 and is established in Bel-Air since 1843, this represents the fulfillment of the dreams of the precursor of our freedom. Originally installed in a private home, the Lycée Alexandre Pétion was transferred to the street Monseigneur Guilloux (current premises of the Faculty of Science) at first, then to the Rue Pavee (Private House) before being housed at the street Borgella definitively (actual premises)

The Lycée Alexandre Pétion is the oldest high school of Port-au-Prince. The establishment wearing at that time the name of Grand College of Port-au-Prince. Later he took the name of its founder, President Alexandre Pétion. The first large-scale building of Lycée Alexandre Pétion was designed by architect Georges Beaussan and the inauguration took place January 7, 1906 under the chairmanship of Nord Alexis. Over the years, the premises of the Lycée Alexandre Pétion have aged badly and unfortunately the January 12, 2010 earthquake did not spare the buildings, which were largely destroyed.



Sad to see Evans Paul participating in this process.

This was one of Laurent Lamothe’s projects.

Evans Paul has produced nothing except expense accounts.


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