August 6, 2017
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August 6, 2017

Haiti is the Land of Zombies so it should not be any surprise when a bunch of bodies reappear, resurrected from the cemetery of dead politicians. -.

The GROUP OF 8 – representing minimal percentages, in the overall situation, has now reduced to 5 and runs under the INITIATIVE CITOYENNE or some such  concept  including Pitit Desalines, Aimer Haiti, Verite….etc

The group’s motivations are multiple, as each grouping marches to its own drummer.

Moise Jean Charles is broke, so he will make noise, in the hope that someone will pay him to be quiet. It has worked before.  Others are involved because of ongoing ego, while – some actually participate because of a true patriotic urge.  Or do they have a masochistic desire to be publicly humiliated again getting 1 or 2% of the vote after expending millions?

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Why do we witness the revival of this fragmented small percentage opposition, an opposition that could coalesce into a real noisy threat to our stability and progress?

Much of the blame lies at the foot of the existing Jovenel Government, a dysfunctional mess forced upon the newly elected President through pressures from our Senate,  Chamber of Deputies and others. When Jovenel was elected, with a landslide majority, he should have been able to select a functional Cabinet, supported by personally selected Secretaries of State, and Directors General.

Unfortunately this wasn’t the reality.

Jovenel was dependent upon a fragmented PHTK, many  with self-interests not supportive of   Jovenel,  Michel Martelly, or the nation. And then the Senate and Chamber of Deputies demanded ransom in order to approve his survival.  Parliament has a “Pay to Play” concept, a concept in which one must pay Senators and Deputies to do their duty/  These criminals scrambled to gain control of Ministries, either via the actual minister, or control of Secretaries General and Directors General, allowing them a clear path to steal funds from the treasury.

This illness is not specific to Jovenel’s Presidency. It has been there since Democracy was inflicted upon Haiti by the Blan.

Our American brothers could do much to control this illness by using Visa Diplomacy, cancelling a few offender’s visas – PERMANETLY – to show that America has some sort of commitment to the Democracy they inflicted upon us so long ago – before which we  had law-and-order, tourism, education, jobs, the ability to feed ourselves, and export the surplus.

Jovenel Moise was viewed as the man who could save Haiti from its past. He broke the cycle as an outsider to the political game.

He can still do this but he needs help, otherwise all of the sacrifices will have been meaningless.

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Since the 1986 departure of Jean Claude Duvalier the experiment in Democracy has been an ongoing train wreck. Aristide recognized Democracy’s flaws  and utilized these to pirate the concept in a society that really had no concept of Democracy, its structure or the duties of citizens, if Democracy was to have any effect.

In retrospect, many believe Jean Claude Duvalier was more firmly attached to Democracy, than what has followed. His major error was failing to see the trend and hold elections, free and fair elections, in which he would have been elected.

But that is just another chapter in Haiti’s failed past.

The written history, of the years 1986 through 1994, and beyond,  are really overwhelmed with Aristide/Lavalas material. Those far from Haiti were indoctrinated with the Lavalas propaganda, while those in Haiti lived with its savage, murderous, corrupt, incompetent reality.

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Aristide and Preval’s governments murdered and terrorized their populations, while offering incompetent, corrupt governance. The trickle of drugs, through Haiti to America, became a “Lavalas” – a flood of deadly powder that actually transited the Palace. People wishing to get their drugs off of boats from South America would go to the palace and be driven to and from the docks in a palace vehicle. The President’s commission would be paid and the drug dealer would leave with his product.

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Some of those with hands-on experience, in facilitating this flow, now control our Senate, a Senate that reflects the true nature of our nation – a Narco State.

Jovenel won the popular vote  – TWICE – with massive majorities.  The people had spoken, but no one was really listening.

Jovenel actually received 58% in the October 2015 ballot.

Unfortunately Jude Celestin’s team, supported by the ZOMBIES RESURRECTED TODAY –   DERAILED THE PROCESS FOR A YEAR, WHEN Jovenel won a second election, again with over 51% of the popular vote.

Celestin, the guy  who stole a complete, unused bridge while with CNE and no one is pursuing him!  He also stole over $8,000,000 in materials he used to open a hardware business.  Helped Preval with the assassination of CNE chief Marcelo and the French Consul, then smuggled their assassin out of the country, and into the DR.

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And then, the Lavalas Privert pirated the Nation for a year in which his team stole tens of millions and did nothing for our people other  than such things as buying an expensive car for Anthony Barbier and putting 93 journalists on the Palace payroll.

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This left Jovenel in a much worse situation that faced in October of 2015. In one short, effective grab, Privert pillaged $8,000,000 from the Taiwanese government as his fee for a positive vote on Taiwan’s behalf in the United Nations.

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Jovenel should have been able to create a government dedicated to the salvation of Haiti.

Instead, he was forced to accept a government   forced upon him by criminal members of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies. These criminals, a majority of which are Lavalas, demanded control of certain ministries, via appointment of the Minister, Secretary General, or Director General, otherwise they would block the Nation. And so, Jovenel started his term with a team that was really not his personal choice, a  weak, incompetent, ineffective team with no structure. A load of self-serving people flooded into the Palace and we see the ongoing effects of this today.

And we now blame President Moise for this, forgetting how the game was played a few months ago.

People recall one new minister – not of Jovenel’s choice, walking corridors of the Palace complaining he had no money in his Ministry. He complained that this embarrassed him when Senators and Deputies came to collect their envelopes and there was no money to support their high life style, Land  Cruisers, mistresses, expensive dinners and foreign travel, while the Haitian poor starve in anonymity. .

We now see the Senate, dominated by Aristide/Lavalas drug dealers, controlling a commission on corruption, “la Commission Ethique et Anti corruption.”  There is an old saying…. “It takes a thief to catch a thief,”…. But this is ridiculous!

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Senator Beauplan, my goodness gracious me!

The Americans should have hammered Beauplan for his very successful, ongoing  career in the cocaine business. But then, the Americans are no longer focused on cocaine, their attention is invested elsewhere.

The Anti-Corruption Committee is peopled by  Doctoral Level criminals, the crème-de-la-crème of Haitian corruption, maintaining an exceptionally strong Lavalas Bias.

The Lavalas Zombi should have been buried and forgotten by now.

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Unfortunately, no one drove a wooden stake through the Lavalas heart and it now revives with a very dangerous beat, threatening the very existence of Jovenel Moise, and his government.

A threat to Jovenel is a threat to the Nation.

Time for an overhaul.

Time for the selection of Cabinet Ministers who have the ability to help Jovenel  help the nation. A cabinet loyal to Jovenel and Haiti, nothing else!

Time to end all subventions that have allowed Senators and Deputies an open door to undermine our government.  To give Senators and Deputies an ongoing bag of American $100 bills is similar to a guy paying for the rope to hang himself.

Time to give discharges to those from the Martelly government who are blocked by Lavalas drug dealers who would – yet again – steal control of the Nation.

Some of the most talented Haitians have their discharges blocked – FOR POLITICAL REASONS – by criminals who – themselves – should be in jail.

Time for Jovenel to consider his approach to government.

Time for Patriots to get behind a new team and block the revival of ARISTIDE/LAVALAS.

Time to end the threat of THE LIVING DEAD.

Time to give real consideration to ta new  Constitution, one that will correct the flows found in the 1987 version, original and amended..

Our future is in President Moise’s hands.

His actions in the immediate future will have a long-term influence upon whether our nation succeeds – or fails under the imminent, ongoing Aristide/Lavalas threat.

Jovenel was our Hope in October 2015.

Jovenel remained our Hope when he was elected a second time, and,

Jovenel remains our Hope now as he works to build an effective team to guide Haiti into a prosperous future.

Our prayers are with him in this Mission Impossible.

Viv Jovenel!

Viv Haiti!


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  1. Severe on August 7, 2017 at

    Too arrogant.

    Listens to none.

    Ignores Martelly and Lamothe potential as allies.

    Big trouble ahead.

  2. Rico Manus on August 7, 2017 at

    Papal Nunce aggrees Jovenel arrogant.
    You need God beside you.
    Jovenel has few with him.
    Disaster ahead.

  3. cheria on August 7, 2017 at

    I read your posts often, but honestly, if you only post them here and you can’t get these thoughts in front of President Moise or someone close to him, doomed, we shall remain. Post on his page. Post on his wife’s page. Post everywhere. They must listen and heed these warnings. These vultures cannot “martelly” Jovenel Moise also. Haiti deserves a break!!

    sa fait ront….