New constitution gives Haitians abroad more rights-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — A new constitution that takes effect Tuesday gives 2 million Haitians living abroad more rights in their homeland, including the ability to run for some posts in government.

The amendments were approved last year but Haitian President Michel Martelly blocked them at the time because of unspecified errors.

The new constitution also paves the way for new Senate elections that would give Martelly a chance to bolster his now-tiny bloc of supporters in the legislature.

He fired the nine members of a provisional electoral council by decree in December but the new constitution enables him to form a permanent electoral panel.

Martelly signed the amended constitution into law Tuesday at the National Palace as diplomats and lawmakers looked on.



If Martelly publishes the Preval Amendments he has abandoned his responsibilities to the People and the Nation.

Preval should have been arrested, after he stepped down, for the forged document he submitted for publication. It as not what Parliament had agreed to.

Martelly should have taken his time and set Parliament on the track of reworking the Constitution. The amendments could then be accepted, and published before the end of Martelly’s term.

The Preval Amendments are loaded with time bombs that will damage the Nation for years to come.

Martelly owes us more than this type of surrender.

How much was he paid or is he just ignorant of reality?


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