Mirlande Manigat President in a transitional government…

Mirlande Manigat, Secretary General of the “Rally of Progressive National Democrats” (RDNP), which is not a candidate in the elections, is very favorable for the establishment of a transitional government and affirms be willing to ensure its Presidency…

No to the financing of parties by the Dominicans
Wednesday at a press conference, Jean Carmelo Stanley Néré, spokesman for the Collective of organizations defending the rights of migrants and returnees (Coddemir) recommended candidates to the Haitian elections, to reject any financing of their campaign, from barons of the Dominican Republic or any Dominican sector that could put the Haitian people in a dependent situation.

Last elections with the Minustah ?
“We believe that this is the last election where the Electoral Assistance on the scale of that provided by the Peace-keeping operation (MINUSTAH) will be required. Future elections in Haiti should be managed by the Haitian authorities, with a targeted and limited technical and operational assistance from the United Nations agencies and international partners,” declared yesterday Thursday front the UN Security Council on Haiti, Sandra Honoré

Néhémie Joseph already replaced to the CEP
Carline Viergelin was designated as the successor of Me Néhémie Joseph to the rovisional Electoral Council (CEP). A letter was sent to the Executive in this regard, which has already informed the CEP and a presidential decree would already have been published. Note that Carline Viergelin is not endorsed by the National Confederation of Haitian voodoo practitioners KNVA, who say they were not involved in that choice…



This arrogant, fat, geriatric, greedy lady is willing to destabilize the Nation in order to gain a lucrative position – President or Prime Minister – in the Transitional Government.

If a Transitional Government is the final solution, then MOO MANIGAT  has no place in it.

Her deteriorating physical condition has reduced her to the point where she has to have 2 people assisting her when she stands from a chair.

She has deteriorated to the point where she cannot inflict sex upon her husband’s band of students.

Time to let sleeping dogs lie.


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  1. Candidate will accept money from anyone, and I mean anyone!!

    Money has no smell!!

    Only the candidates!

    Dominicans are major players in the Haitian game.

  2. Mirlande Manigat, I Want To Be President With Or Without Your Vote

    Should we be listening to someone with experience, someone who is older than many of us? I am referring to Ms. Mirlande Manigat. The 74 year-old former First Lady, former 2010 presidential candidate spoke few days following the visit of the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to Port-au-Prince. While the US Secretary insists on election in Haiti this year, Ms. Manigat on the other hand is assuring her place at the next transitional government.

    The Winner Of The 2011 Haiti Election Was Not Mirlande Manigat But Michel Martelly Instead
    October 10, 2015 7:54 AM

    US government has clearly rejected the demands by several opposition groups in Haiti to invalidate the results of recent legislative elections, and to set up a transitional government that will be conducting the next election. “Let me be very clear! The only way to have a change of government is through the election process,” said John Kerry.

    Former first lady Mirlande Manigat once again said on Tuesday that she was prepared to lead a new transitional government to avoid a spoiled electoral process, street violence and eventually an electoral coup d’etat.

    These warning signs point out by Mirlande Manigat so far have not made the intended effects. Instead, to many people, she is seen as someone who has a dream to be president of Haiti and now is running out of time.

  3. so sick of this opportunist! Martelly won-get over it! New vision, new blood to advance Haiti. Manigat is old school. Go to sleep already!!

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