Model School Garden in Haiti

A school in Haiti is getting a garden and fruit orchard (already paid for), but the students tending them need textbooks and uniforms. I was hoping you would consider making a minimum $5 donation to an online crowdfunding campaign I launched today to help the school pay for these items.

Given that my e-mails usually have something to do with farmers, planting trees and/or agriculture in Haiti… this request may seem somewhat off-topic. But here’s the connection: the Smallholder Farmers Alliance is creating and covering the cost of the garden and fruit orchard (and paying for them from our existing budget), but the the school has an unexpected shortfall in funding for textbooks and uniforms for the students who will both help in the garden and get a hot meal from its produce.

If you are able to make an online donation in the next few days, it will raise the profile of the campaign on the Indiegogo website and this will lead to reaching a larger audience of potential donors.

Here is the campaign link: or just click on the photo below.

All funds raised will go directly to the school in Haiti, and I will be monitoring expenditures and tracking the accounting.
Thank you for your assistance in making this a model school garden for Haiti.


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