MINUSTAH MAKES ANOTHER STUPID STATEMENT “Haiti better prepared for hurricane season, UN official says”-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

UN News Service
2 June 2011 –

Haiti is better prepared than it was last year to respond to the annual hurricane season, with emergency equipment and stocks pre-positioned in case of a disaster, a senior United Nations official says.

Nigel Fisher, the Secretary-General’s Deputy Special Representative to Haiti, told a press conference yesterday in Port-au-Prince that “we are far better off than last year,” especially in assessing the areas of the country most at risk.

The Caribbean nation is often beset by hurricanes, and in 2008 was devastated by four consecutive devastating storms within the space of a month.

Emergency preparations last year were hampered because the country was still reeling from the January 2010 earthquake which killed more than 200,000 people and displaced countless others.

But Mr. Fisher said the country was further advanced this year, having assessed available resources, pre-positioned stocks of relief supplies, identified temporary shelters and determined major risk areas.

“Financially, we still need $13 million to finish the work,” he said, referring to the preparations. Mr. Fisher added that the Haitian Government was working well with the international community to prepare for hurricanes this season.

Meteorologists have predicted the country could face nine hurricanes and 17 major storms in total this year.



Nigel Fischer is one of those bureaucratic people who work within the closed, incestuous circle of UN and ONGs that effectively exclude the Haitian element.

The village idiot could identify risk areas. The entire nation is a risk area to heavy rains and high winds.  We still have hundreds of thousands under fraying fabric shelters set up after the earthquake.

Of course, we must realize that – according to a leaked, irresponsible USAID report – most of these folks are just playing games. They really have homes somewhere else but live in these leaky, dangerous shelters in order to get hand-outs.  Well folks, there aren’t any hand outs and people are starving.

The UN will be seen as ill-prepared, when a real hurricane hits.

They make these statements, like a gambler, hoping that the Death Card will not turn up.

Unfortunately, in this case, the incompetent, high-living MINUSTAH people are gambling – yet again – with Haitian lives.

The 2267 Toyota Land Cruisers,  purchased for over $100,000 each – operated by MINUSTAH – would buy a lot of emergency equipment and food for my Haitian compatriots.


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3 thoughts on “MINUSTAH MAKES ANOTHER STUPID STATEMENT “Haiti better prepared for hurricane season, UN official says”-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

  1. This is yet another example of the utter incompetence we are experiencing in Haiti on a daily basis. It amazes most of us because while this article was being written, the newly elected leader (oh wait, the new person chosen by those other big governments — like the USA) is actively tearing tent cities down and leaving the most vulnerable of citizens to fend for themselves… AGAIN.

    There should be Human Rights Watch intervention due to the ongoing crimes against humanity being inflicted upon the Haitian people every day.

  2. Right on Stephanie.

    Unfortunately, our people who are being abused have no real voice in the country.

    No one really cares if they have nowehere to go.

    And the ego who is Marie of Delmas is much above these poor people he treats like animals.

  3. Only the bullet proof land cruisers cost over $100,000. Most are around $50,000.
    It is true that MINUSTAH and Haiti are not prepared for a hurricane, but i would bet that half of the people living in the tents have family outside of the city that they could live with if they want.

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