Oct 3, 2018


It is much easier to be in Opposition that be the one making decisions, and following through. Opposition makes dumb comments, mostly detached from any Truth, and the leader has to waste valuable executive time, dealing with these rumors, or lose ground.

President Jovenel Moise is doing the best he can, with the cards he was dealt.

It does not help to have memmbers of his PHTK shooting at him simply because they have not been allowed freee access to whatever funding exists.

Moise is doing his best to get the biggest bang for each dollar. His roadbuilding projects are probably the best examples of this as his teams, coordinated by Zepherin, create miles of quality highway at costs much lower than the substandard mileage created under previous governments.

Fortunes have been siphoned off from road projects. One Dominican firm told us that over 40% went to commissions.

There is a growing movement to create conditions under which Jovenel Moise’s government will collapse. This is no in the interest of Haiti. Instead, this pressure, if successful, will serve the selfish agendas of a few who have pillaged Haiti’s treasury for generations.

Enough is enough.

Time for everyone to make our government a success..

There is an ongoing threat, backed by a lot of cash, coordinated by Arnel Belizaire, the escaped criminal, to generate condition of violence that will throw Haiti into chaos mid October. Some major businessmen, plus the Dominicans are said to be a part of his team, or he is a part of theirs.


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