Meetings at the National Palace around the CEP and the new PM

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Haiti - FLASH : Meetings at the National Palace around the CEP and the new PM

This Wednesday, February 24 at 9:00 am at the National Palace, the President a.i. Jocelerme Privert will host two important meetings: one with the sectors represented in the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) and the other with the Presidents of both Houses of Parliament about the appointment of a new Prime Minister.

Regarding the choice of the members of the CEP, the situation is the following a few hours from the expiry of 72 hours granted by the President a.i. to the different sectors for the designation of their representatives :

Sectors who have indicated their proposed candidates :
The sector of the press: Léopold Berlanger ; the union sector : Joseph Dorcely or Jean Philipe Marcelin ; the protestant sector : Pastor Frinel Joseph and the voodoo sector : Jean Richard Joseph or Lamercie Charles Pierre.

Situation of other sectors :

The business sector should send the name of its representative on Wednesday ; the National Union of Normaliens and Educators of Haiti (UNNOEH) indicates that a letter will be sent to the presidency without further details ; Jean Maxime Rony, Coordinator of the Platform of Haitian Organizations for the Defense of Human Rights (POHDH) states wanting to continue discussions with other human rights organizations ; the Board of the State University of Haiti (CU/UEH) and the Episcopal Conference of Haiti (CEH) did not provide any names.

The National Confederation of Haitian Educators (CNEH) confirms the maintenance of its representative : Lourdes Edith Joseph.

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