But we must be careful or Preval and the International Community will work to steal the election for Manigat between now and the official statement. Here are the results in one polling station, picked at random. All polling stations, in the quick count – reflected this overwhelming Martelly victory.


MARTELLY                       MANIGAT

70              12

68              13

57              17

68              15

53              5

51              10

47              2

46              15


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  1. So Martelly seems to have received 7 votes for every one in Manigat’s pot.

    7 to 1 is really a massacre and, perhaps, marks the beginning of a road to salvation for Haiti.

    If he only delivers on SECURITY and EDUCATION he will be better than anything since Duvalier.

    Anything else is gravy, as they say in New York.

  2. I am not impressed by this election. It was more like a Mexican election about 30 years ago when the Insitutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) chose it’s candidate “a dedazo” , I.e. the big wigs in the Party decided on who would be the president and then elections were a mere formality. All the candidates were vetted for. Likewise for Iran’s elections in which the candidates have to approved by mullahs before they can run.

    Martelly really does not represent the Haitian people any more than Ahmenijad represents the Iranian people, arguably much less so. In the sham 28 November elections, the top three candidates wre falsely up there as stated by this site many times. Ronald Reagan proved that a know-nothing president could something, He might not have improved ordinary American lives that much beyond giving them encouragement, he at least contributed to the defeat if the Soviet Union.
    Martelly will be a weak president. On one hand, the US will be breathing down his neck and will expect favours from him since the US did overstep Haitian sovereignty by forcing the CEP to bump off the government candidate. His Duvalierist supporters will demand a status quo ante, I.e. post Baby Doc fascism. On the other end of the spectrum, Lavalas will now spring back into life and may even co-opt the Inite Party which will have most of the parliamentary seats.
    Expect bitter opposition to the re-establishment of the Hatian Army but if the Americans are determined, they just might get their way. However, this is not the 20th century. It will be harder for the government to put down a determined exercise of people power. As for education, what can be done? There is no money and the main obstacle to meaningful education is the insistence on a foreign language, French, rather than the real national language, Creole. I can hardly see that the oligarchy would like to give up its privileges since it has always used French to keep out the normal populace.
    I am sure that the real elections will be the next elections when Lavalas takes part.

  3. Well folks it is 8:45 PM in Haiti and more than 24 hours after the polls closed

    Mirlande Manigat has just held a press conference in which she has claimed a victory over Martelly of 90% to 10%!!!!

    The lady must be smoking some of that powder or this is the first shot by Preval to have his CEP steal the vote.

  4. Both candidate endorsed the revival of the FAdH – Army, because the majority of people want it.

    Immediately upon Aristide’s departure the people asked the ex-military people to put their unifoprms on and provide law-and-order:They did not want the PNH. The ex-FAdH people did this and were handling things very weel when MINUSTAH chased them away and we deteriorated to where we are now.

  5. We get the governement we deserve.

    When Preval/CEP fixed the first round we accepted this and allowed the run-off to be commenced. Ceant was the obvious winner in round one but was cheated by Preval/CEP and everyone swallowed this pill.

    So we were left with Martelly/Manigat.

    Perhaps Martelly will surprise us.

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