MARTELLY LOSES BY WINNING!! Carnival in Les Cayes was a technical success, but a political SUICIDE

Millions of dollars were spent, and a lot stolen to transfer Carnival to Les Cayes, while abandoning Port-au-Prince’s millions- without a penny for teh Nation’s most important traditional Carnival celebration; All for what they call Decentralization!

Stupid, stupid, stupid, and Martelly realized this last night when he stood on his Carnival stand to greet the people, most from outside Les Cayes. Locals thought this would be an opportunity to make some money. WRONG!! Martelly’s people gobbled up everything.

A person with vision- and Thierry Maynard has ZERO- would have kept the traditional carnival in Port-au-Prince, and created others in centers around the Nation.

That, Michel, is decentralization. What you have done is political suicide, giving Aristide the advantage. You could recover some ground by publically shooting whoever suggested the Les Cayes concept. As an added spectacle, shoot the Minister of Culture, Pierre-Raymond Dumas. He is less than zero in the equation.

And Port-Au-Prince Carnival was a disaster of major proportions, where 1,000,000 celebrated in the past years- only 37 present- some say only 21. Martelly has alienated his base in Port-au-Prince.


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2 thoughts on “MARTELLY LOSES BY WINNING!! Carnival in Les Cayes was a technical success, but a political SUICIDE

  1. Why is every article here has some form of negative comments against Aristide? How does Aristide fits into the equation?

  2. I have no love for Aristid, but the idiocy of the sweet mickey team is unbelievable. I have an intense dislike for Aristid, but he has nothing to do with people’s revulsion with sweet micky. His days are numbered. DECENTRALIZATION WHAT IDIOTS

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