April 30, 2012

President Martelly flew back into Port-au-Prince after life-saving treatment in Miami. He was misdiagnosed, by doctors in Haiti, and should not have flown with an embolism. The result was almost fatal and we could see the toll this situation has taken on the President upon his arrival today.

We hope that his recovery is swift because the Nation needs some leadership over the coming hours, days, weeks and months as Haiti struggles to deal with the many problems that threaten us.

Welcome back Michel.

Get rid of the Mayard-Pauls and the other idiots who give you disastrous advice.

Our most recent Mayard-Paul sighting was when Thierry roared up to a pharmacy, in his chauffer-driven vehicle, accompanied by 3 other SUVs filled with heavily armed security people. They piled out and surrounded the area with machine guns in hand, as Thierry Mayard-Paul walked into the drug store for a prescription.

What an ego?

Without the armed assault team, no one would take any notice of this pip squeak.


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