1. I think Manigat is going to be the next president. We will hope Haitians realize a negative reaction will be bad only for them at this point, worsening already bad conditions.

  2. We watch with expectation of more American foolishness.

    They have allowed Aristide when could have indicted for cocaine traffic.

    What is there agenda?

  3. If you can allow a nasty dictator back in, why not the president who was the first democratically elected leader? Who is the fool for what? Duvalier and his ilk have no future in Haitian politics in the short to medium term.

    A negative reaction against both US selected candidates is what Haiti needs. The oligarchy will have to learn to work with the teeming wretched poor or face extermination. That means working with Lavalas or a party like Lavalas. Message to the oligarchy: Change or die. You will have to start paying taxes and give the poor a better deal or else. Message to Fanmi Lavalas: Organize yourselves into a party or face being beaten back down by the oligarchy’s thugs. By organizing, you will bring about change that the people need so desperately. History will judge you for your ability or failure to deliver the goods.

    1. ARISTIDE WAS NOT THE FIRST DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT OF HAITI. That is a great misunderstanding, and is a shame to see repeated by intelligent people again and again.

  4. Prove it. Who was the first democratically elected president in your opinion? It has been claimed that Papa Doc was the first democratically elected Haitian president but the 1957 election is widely seem to have fraudulent, one controlled by the Haitian military.in posting on this site, I even provided quotes taken by reliable Internet sources such as global security dot com and the Wikipedia article on the Haitian presidential election, 1957. I invite readers to google that and see for themselves.
    A democratically elected president means that the election is relstbely clean, ballot stuffing is minimal, and recognized as being fair by international observers. Stalin held elections and elections in the Democratic Republic of Germany were not very democratic, just like the 1957 Haitian election. Was it internationally verified? Read the Wikipedia articles. If your solution is to say that Wikipedia knows nothing about Haiti, I beg you to refer us to a reliable account of how Duvalier’s 1957 election was a wonderful expression of the unfettered democratic will of the Haitian people.

    1. The remark about democratically elected Presidents had nothing to do with Duvalier. NOTHING. Look back further in our history, and you will find others. Please do not try to put words in my mouth.

  5. I did not put words in your mouth. Other people on this site have claimed that Papa Doc was the first democratically elected leader. Please, I shall repeat my question, who was the first democratically elected Haitan leader in verifiable free and fair elections? Any failure to answer this with reliable facts from a reliable source leads me, and others, to believe it was Aristide. Facts please, not mere opinion!

    1. Aristide was not the first Democratically Elected President in Haitian history.

      There were four or five before him… including Lescot, Estime, and Francois Duvalier.

    2. Thanks Administrator. I had hoped that the readers here would do their own research, but instead, there seems to be an “Our side against your side” pissing game going on.

      They are ALL tyrants, as far as I am concerned. Some are less than others, but Aristide was given the first election by the UN, and the second was outright stolen, with loads of photo evidence of voter cards and ballot boxes never opened found in the dump. Aristide’s methods were used by Preval, and we are where we are today because of ALL of the tyrants, and their crimes and errors in judgment.

    3. Jean Paul-
      You do not need to be arrogant in order to show your ignorance of Haitian history.

      If you took the time to check you would find that Presidents Lescot and Estime were democratically elected, as was Francois Duvalier. Duvalier defeated Jumelle and Dejoie in a free election. What happened – afterward – might not be a reflection of Democracy, but Papa Doc was a free-and-fairly elected as was Aristide. It just happens, without any malice, that Aristide was not, is not the first freely and fairly elected president of Haiti.

      And, what difference does it make??


  6. My so called ignorance of Haitian history is based on reading. In the Wikipedia article on Elie Lescot, it says

    Taking advantage of World War II-era paranoia, Lescor circulated a rumor that opposition to him was financed by Axis funds through German and Italian merchants in Port-Au-Prince. He won 56 out of 58 votes cast by legislators. Deputy Max Hudicourt claimed the margin of victory was due to intimidation and beatings of legislators.

    So, I reject the idea that Lescot was democratically elected based on such information. Perhaps you did not know that. The Wikipedia article on the 1957 election is iron-clad proof that the election was dodgy. I have already quoted from it. You will have to provide a reliable source to back up your statement about the 1957 election.

    However, the Wikipedia article does mention a 1946 election that elected Estime. I would have to see if there really was a fair election but Estime does seem to have been a forerunner to Aristide of sorts. I will read up more on him to reach a final conclusion.

    I wish to show no arrogance but certainly Duvalier and Lescot were not elected democratically. Arguably, from the tenor of the Wikipedia article, Estime might have been the first democratically Haitian president.
    What difference does it make? Quite a bit. Saying that Duvalier was democratically elected is a misrepresentation of history. Saying that Papa Doc was elected fairly and freely flies in the face of the available evidence. Perhaps it could be said that only two men have been elected democratically in the tortured history of hapless Haiti, Estime and Aristide, certainly not all four men you mention.

    I have given my sources. What are your sources of, say, Duvalier’s rigged 1957 election? This is not arrogance but a quest for truth. I am prepared to admit that Estime was democratically elected but are you prepared to admit that Lescot and Duvalier were not?

    1. Wikipedia is not total fact. Basing everything off an internet site that can be edited by anyone is not sound. You have a right to your opinion. As I said initially,


      End of point.

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