LIES & HALF-TRUTHS – 2 HEADLINES – SAME EVENT – FIRST IS ACCURATE -SECOND WILDLY BIASED: 1. Hundreds of Haitians protest government corruption:::- 2. Massive rallies call for Jovenel Moise to step down

November 21, 2017
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Nov 20, 2017


The first article has hundreds marching while the second has thousands.

With a couple of keyboard strokes a reporter transmits false reality to Outer Mongolia and New York, creating “History,” a history that can help or damage Haiti. Amy Willenz was said to have used this concept as an Aristide supporter, before the pair fell out. She could take a crowd of 2,000 and with a  couple of clicks create a 200,000 event for Aristide, placing her reputation on the line.

But there were few outsiders to witness reality so  exaggeration could become  a permanent fact..

The Beauplan  PETROCRIBE dossier is reported as “fact,” with no comment upon the challenges. In other words, a government commission says there was vast theft of PETROCARIBE funds, therefore it must be true.

Neither reporter went behind the scenes to hear that the demonstrators were paid for their actions. No one ever does this and this fact is the fault of the Haitian authority, an authority that should ensure these journalists are aware of the facts.


At the moment, as in the past, foreign journalists are only cultivated by our opposition elements.

Aristide/Lavalas are masters at the Game!

You should take a moment and click on the 2 articles. The Al Jazeera item has a wildly biased video clip.

Both articles mirror the opposition claims. The government is obviously not in the media Game.

“Hundreds of Haitians protest government corruption”

al jazeera

“HAITI: Massive rallies call for Jovenel Moise to step down”


WE DON’T SUGGEST RUSSIAN STYLE CONTROL OF THE MEDIA – BUT WE SHOULD AT LEAST “RIDE HERD” ON THIS IMPORTANT FACTOR IN HAITIAN LIFE!IMG_256When there is a traffic accident, with several witnesses, the personal witness statements are often in conflict with each other. One reason for this is their witnessing the event is accidental. They didn’t plan to see a car accident, and were not prepared for it.
However, news reporters seeking a specific event, to witness and report, should be reasonably close, so the reader, or viewer knows the reporters were at the same place, at the same time on the same day,,, sometimes in the same country!
Unfortunately, reporting is not always a controlled science in which the event is reported honestly by everyone.
Most news outlets cannot afford to have their own reporter on site, so they buy material from different agencies, such as AP, Reuters, AFP. Video material is often purchased from a network such as CNN, Fax, ABC, CBS, NBC.
In potentially political situations the parent company might often have a bias, accentuated by their person on the ground. This takes the 100% reality and shades it to their taste.
No balancing facts that allow reader to form opinion.
The JOURNALIST  becomes  a PROPAGANDIST  and creates the opinion!
Sometimes an on-site  representative will become involved, locally, and feed his/her  biased opinions into the pipeline. Such was the case with AP’s long-term Michael Norton in Haiti. He was married to Toto Bissainthe, an Aristide/Lavalas activist, and became – himself – an  Aristide/Lavalas mouthpiece.IMG_256Norton was paid more by Aristide than his AP wage. In business dealings he would have to issue a “disclaimer” but in journalism there is not such integrity.
Norton’s material was picked up by AP users and spread around the world. He is dead and gone, but his material has become “history” and continues to damage Haiti long after Aristide has been recognized for what he truly is, a murdering psychotic manic-depressive who controlled Haiti’s cocaine trade and stole a fortune from all sources. Foreign government intelligence agencies believe his fortune is something like $1,500,000,000.
But foreign media outlets still peddle Norton/AP’s lies such as the simple one: : “Aristide was the first democratically elected president in Haiti.” … Aristide was the fifth.
Another example: Single handedly, Norton did a great deal to destroy Haiti’s Forces Armees d’Haiti by publishing wild untruths about this element as part of his real boss, Aristide’s  attempt to neutralize this threat to his thrust for dictatorship..
This becomes an ongoing train wreck when someone like Norton has his material pass on through other reporters, and agencies. His replacement automatically inherited his personal contacts – all Lavalas – and the infection continues  on down the line.trainwreckAl Jazeera seems to have been infected as reflected by their representative. One could suspect that this lady has been wooed by the opposition leader’s opinions and cash,
And then there is the philosophy of an old Irish saying.
As the Irishman gets off the aircraft, on his first visit to a nation, he looks around and asks: “What’s your government? I’m against it.”
Some governments – Russia, China, Iraq pressure and control reporting within their borders. Haiti shouldn’t do this but our government should, at least,  make itself aware of the reporting biases of each journalist, or Agency, and – when the situation requires – talk to the journalist, or agency.
It is better to do without the Agency, or reporter in Haiti than to have a flow of poison forever infect the image of our country. Once the material is out there, it is there forever.
The fraudulent Beauplan PETROCARIBE is a perfect example of a worldwide poison. Even as Haiti accepts the fact that Beauplan’s Aristide/Lavalas team created a report with absolutely no value, the world is hearing… “Haitian government commission states that billions were stolen by previous government.”VVV

Not useful, but the word is out an can never be recalled. This lie will influence ll sorts of contacts with Haiti and make President.Jovenel Moise’s efforts more difficult since he was also splattered with mud in this report.

The entire Beauplan/PETROCARIBE propaganda plan was crreated by Privert some 18 months ago and its goal was simple:



Perhaps the reporter is rogue and the Agency does not know the material is flawed. Contact with the Agency will correct this. Perhaps the reporter will be transferred elsewhere.

If all else fails, the government should make a fair and balanced press release, describing the bias.

Each of our governments has appointed someone to oversee the media, and then this person does ZERO. One must supervise, cultivate, subtly correct flawed information so that Haiti’s image is fairly portrayed. The proper handling of this task is literally worth tens of millions, perhaps hundreds of millions USD to our economy over the years.

Haiti spends money to generate a good image.

It is equally important to spend money to avoid a bad image. This often requires the simple steps to ensure the scene is accurately reported.
Nothing Is ever perfect, but one gins a great advantage by simply being on the playing field, as a sort of referee to make sure the Truth is there.
At the moment we do not have a team on the field and the opposition is free to kick the ball through the goalposts with reckless abandon.


Her children, their children and their children’s children will suffer from this uncontrolled bias.

mom and baby

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  1. MICHEL on November 21, 2017 at


    Haiti police accused of executing civilians
    by Teresa Bo
    18 Nov 2017

    more on Latin America

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    The deaths of multiple civilians in a police operation Port-au-Prince has shocked local residents as the government battles gangs in the wake of UN peacekeeper departure one month ago.

    A police operation that ended in a school in Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, has left at least seven civilians dead.

    Residents say the number is higher and that some were executed by the police.

    The accusations of rights abuses come as Haiti re-establishes its armed forces after the withdrawal of UN peacekeepers.

    Al Jazeera’s Teresa Bo reports from Port-au-Prince.

  2. Silvius on November 21, 2017 at

    What is the problem with Al Jazeera?
    No mention of the facts.Police lured into school and told no one was there by Director.
    PNH officers assaulted by a team of terrorists, 2 of which had AK47 assault rifles. 2 police killed, 5 wounded. A number of gang members killed. One civilian also killed.The gang members assassinated the PNH officers, not the other way around.