Letter To Amnesty International

*Haiti Democracy Project*, 2011-10-17 


International Secretariat 

Amnesty International 


Greetings from the Haiti Democracy Project. We commend your report on Jean-Claude Duvalier, “You Cannot Kill the Truth,” and endorse your call for prosecution. We deplore the disruption of its presentation on September 23. 

We were wondering if you were planning a companion report on Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the other returning former president with plenty of political murders to account for. 


James Morrell 

Executive director


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2 thoughts on “Letter To Amnesty International

  1. Morell probably won’t even get an acknowledgement, let alone a substantive reply.

    But his point has been made, simply and directly.


  2. If anyone arrests Aristide few will complain after he could only find 127 supporters to march on Septembre 29.

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