Laying the First Stone of the Sub-Police Station of Gris Gris

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Haiti - Security : Laying the First Stone of the Sub-Police Station of Gris Gris

After 2 year effort the authorities of the city of Côtes-de-fer with officials of the National Police of Haiti in the region, in order to provide this commune of a Sub-Police Station, earlier this week the high command of the PNH South East together with those responsible from the regional office Southeast of the UN Mission, have proceeded to the laying of foundation stone for the construction of Sub-Police Station of Gris Gris, 1st section of the commune of Côtes-de-fer, on land provided by HNP Southeast through community participation.

Funded by the Minustah up to 2.3 million Gourdes [2,338,874.80] the work will last 3 months. The building will include a post office, two custody rooms, a secretariat, a reception room and a toilet block.

Carnès Anéus, Casec f the 5th communal section Boucan Bélier, also President of the Federation of Boards of Directors of the Communal Sections (CASECs) of Côtes-de-fer expressed the belief that the construction of this new sub-station of Gris Gris, will contribute significantly to improve the security climate in this area. Citing in particular, physical and verbal aggressions whose the udges and members of the population are often victims by bandits, during the course of judgments to the Peace Court of the commune. Michel Alexis, justice of the peace of the court is also convinced that the level of crime will know a significant decrease thanks to the presence of the police, arguing for a symbiosis between the public and the police to get the desired results.

According to the Divisional Commissioner Frantz Elbé, Departmental Director of the PNH Southeast, the construction of the Sub-Police Station of Gris Gris falls within the framework of a development plan implemented by the PNH for 2012-2016, adding that the project also reflects the desire of the Director General of the PNH, Godson Orélus to make this institution a more representative police in communal sections of the country.

Despite the difficulties the Departmental Directorate of PNH is facing, both on the logistical, financial and other terms, Frantz Elbé took the opportunity to announce the upcoming construction of the sub-station of the Communal Section La Montagne, commune of Jacmel, saying “Our top priority is to provide the Borough of Belle-Anse with Sub-Police Station particularly in Mapou.”

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