L’Ecole de Choix / School of Choice (Haiti)

Thanks to a single donor’s generosity, our students not only are able to enjoy Camp Choix, but have the benefit of health care, wellness and school meals practically year-round for 2013.  Since the Choix snack and meal often provides the only meal of the day for many of our students, the value of our summer camp cannot be overstated from a nutrition, academic or fun perspective!

Student Sponsorships

Choix serves children who otherwise would not be able to attend school because of their families’ financial situations.  While we apply for many grants on a persistent basis, and have begun to achieve some results from those efforts (see box at right), your annual sponsorship of our students’ Choix experience is a significant source of funding for our sustainability.  We appreciate your partnership for these children, and for Haiti’s future educational progress.

Currently – and fortunately! – all of our Choix students are matched with individual sponsors.  Current Sponsors! For sponsorships that began last Fall, look in your e-mailboxes shortly for renewal notifications.  Renewals will be available until September 15, 2013!

New Sponsors: For those interested in sponsoring a student, we anticipate that there will be students available for sponsorship as of September, 2013.  Sponsorships are available this year at two levels of support, though you are welcome to communicate with your sponsored student (and receive communications) at either level.  Sponsorship also includes regular photographs, updates and other materials.

Though it is by no means expected, sponsors are also welcome to send items to be shared with their sponsored students’ class, and will receive instructions on both communications methods, as well as the class “wish list” and mailing address (domestic) with your sponsorship packet.

Sponsorship Levels:

Sponsorships may be paid online through our safe and easy PayPal service, which also allows you to choose automatic monthly, recurring payments, or a one-time annual contribution.

·         $30/month ($360/year): covers a student’s nutritional needs, morning snack, a warm meal, clean drinking water, access to our on-site nurse, and wellness management.

·         $200/month ($2,400/year): covers the entire cost to educate a student at Choix, including a superlative trilingual leadership development education program, and both the Haitian National Curriculum taught by degreed and certified teachers, as well as supplemental enrichment such as high quality technology enhancements, athletics (both developmental and competitive), arts and culture, textbooks, uniforms, all school supplies and materials, nutrition, wellness, a full-time nurse, clean drinking water, community development programs for her or his family, and more.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Laura Hartman, and we will alert you as soon as the opportunity becomes available.  For questions surrounding the sponsorship program, please contact Ms. Ione Cassens.

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Transitions @ l’Ecole de Choix

The more things change,

The more things Choix

For the School of Choice, the word “Choix” has taken on a depth of meaning to refer to our entire culture, in addition to its vital reference to the role that education plays in affording us choices, which gives voice to our dignity as humans.

This summer marks a bittersweet transition for Choix, and in true Choix fashion, will be taught as an opportunity for growth, learning and celebration of leadership development. #SoChoix !

Dr. Mary Clisbee (L, below), our principal since winter 2012, will be returning stateside while continuing to provide professional development to our teaching staff through a series of one-week visits for at least 6 months.

Ms. Ione Cassens (R, below), previously Choix’s Communications Director, will now be in Haiti full-time to manage our campus as Director of Operations. We wish Mary exceptional fulfillment in this next phase of her professional path, and are honored that she has maintained a space for us within that direction.  We are deeply honored and humbled that Ione has accepted the Board’s invitation to oversee campus operations on a full-time basis and we all look forward to working together this year! #TheSoundofChangeMakesMusic  #SoChoix

Students design masks with DePaul Theater School faculty for performance of “The Big Enormous Rock.” (Above is a snake and a turtle, along with teen volunteers.)

3rd and 4th Grade Thespians

As part of our ongoing collaboration with DePaul University’s renowned Theatre School, four faculty members led two separate service visits culminating in two spectacular performances: “The Magic Orange Tree” and “The Big Enormous Rock.”  Our Big Enormous thanks to the Magic of Nan Cibula-Jenkins, Ernie Nolan, Nan Zabriskie and Julia Neary, and special thanks both to Dean John Culbert of TTS as well as to all of our volunteers for making it happen.

Help us Meet Our Challenge!

We are proud to announce that we have received several grants recently, included below.  One grant, offered by SG Foundation, will match every dollar we raise – to a total of $7,000 – to support our curriculum materials! Click here to help us to achieve this goal (and please put “SG Foundation” in the form’s text box).

Other recent grants:

·         W.K. Kellogg Foundation has funded the expansion of our athletics/health education and our arts/culture education programs, a full-time school social worker and our assessment processes.  (We are currently seeking applications for both the arts and social worker positions!)

·         Girls Rights Project has funded a portion of our Leadership Development Program, which will allow us to maintain staff to oversee the programming.

·         American Jewish Joint Development Committee, with support from the Jewish Federations of North America, has contributed funds to allow us to purchase a portion of our math curriculum for this coming year. Our students, families and staff value deeply our partnership with the JDC, which is one of our longest, and whose contributions truly have helped to make Choix’s culture so distinct.

Choix Represents HAITI in Curaçao Competition!

As a result of their 1st, 2nd and 3rd place rankings in Haiti’s national ADAH track competition in Port au Prince this Spring, four Choix students were chosen to serve on the Haiti national team in the CACAC Caribbean Games in Curaçao in June, 2013.  This participation was the first time Haiti was represented in this international event.

Reginald, Jean Tassy, Frantzcia and Kattie (L to R) did Haiti proud.  Though neither Choix nor Haiti (!) has facilities that would have allowed them to prepare adequately for the events (e.g. they had never before run on a track with lanes or a rubber surface, and had only practiced a high jump once before attending), they performed admirably and with courage.

“It was for all of us on Curacao a pleasure to welcome the delegation of Haiti to Curacao after many years of non-activities during these championships We felt our self very honored with your participation.” – Willem Cordelia,President, Curaçao Athletic Federation

Out of 26 countries, Kattie finished above 16 in the ball throw, and equal to two other countries! Frantzcia bested 10 other countries and the boys were not far behind.  The athletes returned home to a heroes’ welcome and replete with invitations invitations to train with other teams when we can swing it!

With your collaboration, together we educate Choix students

to lead Haiti tomorrow, and beyond

You are receiving this email because either you or someone you know cares a great deal about Haiti or the School of Choice / L’Ecole de Choix. Please know that your support of Choix, and/or presence at our events absolutely will impact the lives of children in Haiti; and we are committed to providing you with ongoing documentation of this impact. We are dedicated to complete integrity and transparency in all that we do and with all of our stakeholders through accountability, specific metrics, and regularly reported results.** We do not wish to communicate with those who do not wish to receive our communications, so please feel free to ‘unsubscribe’ if this email was sent in error. We deeply regret any intrusion. For more information on l’Ecole de Choix, the activities discussed above, or to contribute, please explore our website: www.EcoledeChoix.org.

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