July 3, 2011

There is a classic question that asks…”If a tree falls, in the forest, and there is no one there to hear it…does it make a noise?” So it is with many important events that are ignored by the media because they do not fit in with an agenda that ignores TRUTH.

And so we get a TRUTH that is created by the media without reference to reality.

So it is with July 3, 2011 in Haiti.

Haiti experienced an event, July 3, that will be noted, but unreported by the international media representatives, looking for worthwhile stories.. It was an exuberant event with 5 local bands vying for space. Music, food, some drinks and thousands of Haitians, from all walks of life, walking, riding donkeys or crowding  a variety of vehicles ranging from school buses to Land Cruisers and colorful Tap Taps.

A Ra Ra band greeted people as they entered the area for the day-long celebration.

This event had a carnival atmosphere as people milled around, greeting each other and their host.  Some  peasants had walked all the way from Jacmel,  over the mountains, starting the journey before midnight in order to arrive in Thomasin by 10 AM.

There was food for everyone.

Jean-Claude Duvalier once again demonstrated exactly how popular he is with people from all sectors of Haiti’s complex society.

He was still sitting in the middle of a large crowd, when we left for home at midnight.


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  1. Keep Challenge everyone, Big Boss!

    We don’t care about what they say.Keep working to bring Haiti back on its feet.

    The Spirit of our Ancestors, The God of the nation is with you.
    Bouckman,Toussaint-Louverture,Dessalines, Capois-Lamort, Christophe,Mackandal,Estime,Francois Duvalier are on their ways to help bring Haiti.

    Let them play.Let them talk.Let them steal.
    The day will come when they will pay back to the nation the price of their arrogance.

    They infiltrated our system through some fragile Haitians who are fake citizens of this country.They burn, they kill, they steal,they kidnap,they corrupt,they distroy,and they are still not satisfy, they are still hungry to drink Haitian blood for what we have done to set the country free and create the first balck independent nation in the world,the second freed country in America after we fought to free USA under England dominion in 1776.

    Keep up the good work!

    We all stand with you together as one man,to get Haiti back on track.God is with us.The Spirit which helped us to fight against the treators, the assassins, the killers, the stealers,the Rochambeau,the mulatoes,the fake white,the fake asylees,the gangsters,the drug dealers,the terrorists, is still helping and inspire us and guiding us to get them out of Haiti for ever.

    Onward,as we are working the good cause!
    This year, we have the right lesson to teach the world.
    Haitians will stand again together to challenge whosoever to get their Country free.

    Stand up, stand up, stand up for our rights!

  2. And his son, Francois Nicola was there to see exactly how popular his father is.

    He was the hit of the celebration, circulating through the mass of people, greeting everyone.

  3. I was present at the celebrations and there were many hundreds inside and more hundreds outside. It was a magical moments for all the President’s friends. Duvalier knows he has not lost his popularity

    I look for next year.

  4. deja se you violasyou lwa interdiksyou ke li genyen pou soti nan lari imagine ou.ùdapre nou menm nou panse ke pep je kle saa pral akspte rigim san manman saa anko. Mezanmi menm le nom te gen laja poul voye jete nan bay manje pasi pala,sitou you pep ki tou grangou grangoul deja

  5. Even as the more formalized party was in progress, Veronique Roy was busy in the kitchen, preparing food for the large volume of peasants who have journey to wish Duvalier a pleasant birthday.

    Thousands of lunch boxes were prepared and passed out to a mass of well mannered people who made the journey.

    Veronique had also arranged for several bands to entertain these people and portable toilets were clustered in an open area, for their convenience.

    When Duvalier does something, he always remembers the “base” as the peasant majority is known.

    Thousands paid their respects to the President.

    No one was turned away hungry.

    There was enough for everyone.

  6. se sel sanront tan kou Duval ki ta remen Duval ki pou ta rele Vivi Duvalier.mwen ap rele jodiya demen et tout res vivm aba Duvalier viv Haiti libre et demokrat.

  7. Haiti pa gen kote pou tonton m akout anko ni pou frap ni pou atache san edikasyou ni formasyou viv Haiti libre et demokrat plus jamais ces monstres qui fusillaien les jeunes intelectuels,etudiants, journalis,ecrivains etc,,vivre Haiti libre et democrate pour que mes enfants ne conaissent plus jamais les soufrances que mes parents et moi on conuent a cause de cet regime sanguinaire san pitie dont leur slogant grenadier a la sot sa ki mouri zafe yayo. Mezanmi nou genle gentan bliye soufrans pep saa tap pase amba men san manman sa yo

  8. this man is responsible the misery and poverty of this country it is a shame that he lives, he should be executed for crime against the state. His mismanagement of a subdued republic, made so by his father after years of being unruly, should have catapulted him to greatness had he continued with his father’s mercantile economic policy( a mercantile economy is an economy in which the state initiate, foster and protect national industries to the benefit of the state and its people) and foward-looking social policy( francois Duvalier brought about significant social changes that benefited the middle class) instead of ruling by cleptocracy ( a system of governance by thievery of state assets

    1. I usually agree with most of what you write Edju, but this time I have to step in and first ask-
      How old were you when Jean-Claude Duvalier was president? I will just assume that you indeed were in Haiti, as you are well enough informed to be someone directly attached.

      DO you recall, (assuming that you were in Haiti, and not still to young to recall) Do you recall how nice it was in Haiti? DO you recall how peaceful it was, and how easy in comparison to eat and have a home that is not a piece of rubble?
      I recall a very nice Haiti, with lots of optimism, and potential, and most importantly, stability.

      I also recall many that were trying to murder Jean-Claude to take his power, and use it for drugs world activities- sort of like how it is with titide and this preval worm. I also recall Michelle being the one with the massively lavish parties, and fur coats, and too many jeans for one small town to have, let alone one woman, even if she is married to a President. The woman was a parasite, and is responsible for much of the wealth that was stolen.

      As for the deaths- look at your own rhetoric here and in other comments elsewhere on this site, and tell me that if you were not ruler, MANY WOULD DIE- I think it may be best to not be a hypocrite in the name of being a patriot.

      You would likely do wonders for Haiti, with great visions, but you would smash anyone that threatens you.
      I would as well in those circumstances.

      With all of that said, Jean-Claude is not responsible for half of the crap that he is accused of- His accusers are Aristide’s personal Lawyers- Ira Kurzban has Jean-Claude Duvalier’s boat, for christ’s sake. Aristide stole it and gave it to him as a gift.

  9. Ala nasyon genyen moun fou!
    Se bann ak paket moun anraje sa yo ki lakoz Ayisyen ki nan laj venten yo pa kapab reyalize ki kalte peyi nou te genyen anvan kriminel lagaoch te rantre nan peyi a an 1986 pou vin tabli baz teworis pou vann dwog, zam,pou boule moun ak byen prive e piblik pou Ayiti te ka vin sanble jodia avek yon pak kochon epi pou blan te kapab vin fe dap piyank sou tout riches nou yo.

    Aye, nan yon atik ki ekri nan jounal entenasyonal, nou li ke,Peyi Japon dekouvri apre katastwof ki detwi peyi a, yon mas minye ki pi enpotan pase mas rezev minye mondyal la. Sou Jean Claude Duvalier, moun ki te enterese nan lavni peyi a konnen trebyen ke, se paske Jean Claude te refize move ako ak kontra pou te vann peyi a ke yo te manniganse konplo pou yo te asasinnen detwa ti elev lekol pou yo soulve kek moun pou te kreye katyoubombe nou ye jodia.

    Mwen byen kontan ke, avek anpil nan nou ki fe entenasyonal la konnen ke si li kontinye ap soutni lensoutnab, finalman se li k ap fini pa pedi ni sak ni krab, paske , jodia, se pa kamoken lagoch yo ki genyen tout kontak yo anba grif yo.Jodia, done yo chanje paske nou fouye epi nou jwenn meye kontak pase yo pou remete tout bagay nan plas yo pou benfis tout kontinan.

    Nou pa bezwen ap pale fatra.Kominote entenasyonal la te bay malandren yo tout sipo paske li te panse ke yo te serye,men malerzman se pa t sa.Kounyeya, mwen garanti tout moun, mwen pral chanje pagay yo pesonelman.

    Tan vagabondaj la fini.
    tout akte met mare senti yo, paske,kounyeya, se pa dan k ap griyen, se sousi k ap kontre.

  10. Elizar D, I submit to you that he is responsible, as head of state he was responsible for the welfare of the state and failed at this task miserably. He ushered in the era of government by cleptocracy; he and his wife.
    Elizar D do not blame his wife, because his wife was not responsible for the state, he was, he had absolute dominion over the state left to him by his father.
    he completely failed because he was an idiot and still is, and he was not interested in governing. he was more interested in the pleasures of life, leaving the running of the state to pilfering cronies.
    He does not deserve to associated with DR.FRANCIOS DUVALIER , he does not have an understanding of his father’s philsophy and vision, just like most.
    Elizar, as far as hypocracy, I say what I mean, I am only interested in the welfare of the state; and those who injure the state must be held to account. failure to hold these accountable will only lead to the eventual death of the republic.

  11. eduj is right in his observations, however, if he had dealings with Duvalier now he would realize this is an entirely different man. He has matured and learned a great deal over the past 25 years.

    I am a supporter of Francois Duvalier.

    Duvalier 1 was full of problems.

    However, Duvalier 2 is an entirely different situation and the people happen to love Jean Claude. You cannot take that away with words about the past. The people are interested in the present, and Duvalier of today is that present.

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