Jackson Saintilus Abandons Plan to Commit Suicide-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Jackson Saintlus

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Jackson Saintilus gave up his plan to commit suicide. At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, he descended the tower from which he intended to jump to demand back pay from the Natcom.

The former Teleco employee descended the tower, surrounded by police and firefighters who were waiting at the foot of the Natcom antenna in Delmas 41.

Saintilus had given until 4 pm to those responsible for Natcom to negotiate with him, or he would have committed suicide. At 4pm he abandoned his project of suicide and has accepted to negotiate with officials of the telephone company.

48 years old, Mr. Saintilus is the father of three children. He said he had difficulty sending them to school on the eve of the reopening of classes. He complained of having difficulties to survive and fulfill family obligations.

Natcom, formerly Teleco, now owned by the Vietnamese telecommunications company, Viettel, said it to owes nothing to the former employees of Teleco. This has not stopped former employees from claiming back pay.



This a small residual from the thoughtless way in which the Haitian government sold TELECO to the Vietnamese.  In the real world, a buyer would be responsible for all debts…such as back wages. In fact, the people in VIETTEL may well be responsible, but Preval has derailed things.

In some cases, government workers, have not been paid in several years, yet Preval, and his team stole hundreds of millions.

Some people say Martelly is not much better.


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