September 11, 2019
Screw me once, shame on you.
Screw me twice, shame on me.
Who do you blame after that??
Time for President Jovenel Moise to lead the Nation out of this disastrous situation and take control, under the terms of Article 136.
Duties of the President of the Republic
Article 136
The President of the Republic, who is the Head of State, shall see to the respect for and enforcement of the Constitution and the stability of the institutions. He shall ensure the regular operations of the public authorities and the continuity of the State.    
September 11, the Senate validated a rewritten Constitution, erasing the Senate from its pages, along with the Immunity to any and all crimes, including murder, enjoyed by sitting Members of our Parliament.
Senators Latortue, Beauplan, Don Kato, Cassy, Pierre  and others brought some low-lifes with dreadlocks to disrupt, and destroy the Senate, supposedly gathered to give Haiti a functioning government.
Why weren’t these criminals  arrested?
A PNH bus was torched.

Why weren’t the guys who did this arrested?
Overall, it looked like the PNH was on a citywide stand-down which could only have been planned.
Now, Thursday is to be marked by what the PRC/Maduro/Venezuelan-Funded terrorist call Operation Roadblock. This will see cars parked in the middle of the Kenscoff Road Thursday morning, creating a  problem for President Moise, and everyone else in the area.
Supposing someone has to take a sick child to hospital?
People could die!
This could just be another case of “Psywar” in which the threat is all that exists.
But it could happen, in one form or another, at any moment. It has happened in the past, when people used vehicles or loads of gravel.
Time to take control and discourage this ongoing disruptive behavior, wherever it occurs. Those involved are a tiny minority from among the 12,000,000 who just want peace and the opportunity for kids to go to school. This was illustrated by the 50 people who marched on September 9, in what was supposed to be a well-funded nationwide plan to destabilize Jovenel’s government.
There were more people at the national planning meeting than marched on September 9. And none of the people at the planning meeting, marched on September 9!
There is a message here.
The public is tired of this stupidity.
Enough is enough!
With the Kenscoff Road threat/rumor – place a series of PNH officers along the Kenscoff Road. They could have some gasoline (hard to find) and matches (not hard to find.) The first driver who stops his car, with the goal of blocking Kenscoff Road, could have his vehicle torched, where it stands. Better yet, push it out of the traffic lanes, before torching it, and arrest the driver.
Some wimps suggest a gentler approach such as taking the driver’s keys. This action doesn’t have the same impact! The guy could use the same car to do the same thing, later.
You might take the plates off the cars and charge a big fine to release them.
There must be a price for publicly disruptive behavior.
President Moise has a special tow truck, to keep Kenscoff Road Clear.
Time to put it to use and apply HEAVY FINES to the guilty few who diksrupt the lives of many.
Our  present security situation, already on life-support, after  the malevolent/incompetent Gedeon mandate, as Director General of our police. Security  is further undermined by our own Haitian local interests, with their own local personal agendas.  
These would be enough to sink any nation. 
Unfortunately, other international power centers see Haiti as a battle ground upon which – with a small cash investment – they can attack, win, and embarrass the Donald Trump Presidency. The substantial – by Haitian standards –  cash injections from the Peoples’ Republic of China and the Maduro/Venezuelan teams – can tip the balance, sending Haiti into the abyss, and personally, very personally embarrass President Trump. 
No Man can handle the challenge alone.
Our President Jovenel Moise needs help, if he is to take the decisive steps needed to salvage an already impossible situation.
Those outside focuses, who are threatened by the action on our Haitian Battlefield – the United States, and Taiwan – should step in to avoid the predicable disaster the looms over our scene.
Haiti needs help is to is to survive.
President Trump could send a small message, that would have a massive effect on the entire situation. 
Send a few Marines to “Professionalize Jovenel’s Palace Security.”
This would literally be A MESSAGE HEARD AROUND THE WORLD!
The NATION is waiting.
The Lady and her Child are waiting.
12,000,000 Haitians are waiting.

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  1. I have come to Haiti from the US to teach the welding trade and all other forms of trade that i have to better the lives and future of the Haitian people . This is our third extended stay here ,Love the country Love the people. The Haitian people want to learn, the Haitian people want to work, the Haitian people want peace and prosperity .
    Why does just a handful of bought and paid for protesters and instigators be allowed to destroy the lives of the majority of the people by the planting of the lies and the use of deception ? Why is not the voice of the truth louder than the voice of lies?
    So many good people that come to Haiti to help are now leaving and giving up because of the unrest, Is this what Haiti wants? I think not! Please people let us have peace “enough is enough”

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