Humanitarian Situation Report – 2017 – 01

Situation in Numbers

3,200,000 total people affected (OCHA-HNO)

1,100,000 /# of children in need of humanitarian assistance (UNICEF)

1,600,000 /# of adults in need of humanitarian assistance (OCHA-HNO)

41,110 suspected cholera cases and 441 fatalities (MSPP – 1 Jan to 24 Dec 2016) of which approximately 50 children under five years old (UNICEF)

12,000 /# of children in situation of vulnerability (UNICEF, OCHA-HNO)

1,400,000 /# of people in need of WASH assistance (OCHA-HNO)

18,000 /# of children affected by SAM (UNICEF)


Early January saw an interruption to humanitarian aid efforts as a result of unrest in theGrand’Anse department following the arrest of newly-elected Grand’Anse senator, Guy Philippe. The ensuing violence resulted in the evacuation of humanitarian staff and a 2-week slowing of activities. The region returned to calm the week of 16 January and response efforts could resume.

The devastating impact of hurricane Matthew continues to affect the provision of basic social services in the most affected areas of Grand’Anse, Nippes and South.

UNICEF continued to support the needs of affected population and has provided safe water for nearly 60,000 persons; reached 70.000 people through the cordon sanitaire by rapid-response teams; completed rehabilitation work in 35 schools enabling 12,000 children to go back to school; treated some 330 children for acute malnutrition; provided more than 5,000 children under one year old with routine vaccination; and supported some 11,600 children through recreational and psychosocial activities.

In the hurricane-affected areas, UNICEF and its partners are undertaking needs analyses to define exit strategies, and strengthen the shift from emergency response to recovery.

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