Highway Patrol trooper killed in Haiti

Jean Bathelus

Florida Highway Patrol / Florida Highway Patrol

By Anna Edgerton


Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Jean Barthelus was shot and killed Friday evening in Port Au Prince, Haiti, according to the FHP.

Barthelus was an 8-year veteran of the FHP, based in Miami-Dade County. He is survived by his wife, daughter, mother and several brothers and sisters.

An FHP spokesman said no additional information was available Saturday.


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  1. President Martely: “Haiti is now open for business.” I say heck no it’s not. I would love it to be, but it’s not. This is not right and all Haitians need to speak up about it. I mean not just radio we need a movement that is heard. I wonder what happened to the Haitian people that use to make their voices heared? The Haitians that were heared when they said “heck no we did not bring Aids they brought it to us!” I will not open a business nor bring my knowledge to a country with no form of security. The police force is too small and Canada better get that through… The millitary is needed and should not be feared of having too much power; the government needs to regulate and balance police and millitary power in a functional manner, and cut the corruption. Then as the streets are safe and cleaned of debris. Investors and diapora’s will say, “yes Mr. President Martely Haiti is open for bussiness and we are ready to do bussiness.” However, Haitians officials are waiting as usual and not looking at history. This wait will bring one thing, another bloody uprising by the people and unfortunately for the people after the uprising someone worst will keep on taking power. People are willing to serve for free atleast to start and President, Martely is sleeping. I hope he realize he is not president for life and in Haiti the next government just create a new plan never continue the previous governments plan its like the post 1800s colonial days; get rid of the last guy and add a new guy that just want power and have no clue what to do. He (Martely) need to act now! We should be a great nation by now. This is embarrasing. May the love of God be upon Haiti and the family of This Fhp officer. Thanks Haitian-truth.org

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