Helicopter carrying Haiti PM makes emergency landing in hills above capital; no one injured


NOT actual helicopter involved in crash, but you get the idea

Washington Post:AP:PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — An adviser in Haiti’s government says a helicopter carrying Prime Minister Garry Conille and two other Cabinet members has made an emergency landing in the hills above the capital.

Adviser Damian Merlo says he was on the aircraft and the pilot landed in a field of crops because unexpected fog rolled in and he couldn’t see. No one was injured.

Merlo says Conille was returning from a Saturday afternoon meeting with President Michel Martelly. The prime minister was accompanied by Interior Minister Thierry Mayard-Paul and Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Lamothe.

Before being sworn in as prime minister in October, Conille was chief of staff for former U.S. President Bill Clinton in his role as United Nations envoy for Haiti.

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This article does not reflect the truth.

In actual fact, there was an accident and – luckily – people were not injured.  It was a flight between Club Indigo, a beach resort, and Port-au-Prince. The Haitian leadership has fallen in love with helicopters. This near miss may change their tastes. In fact, it would be just as easy to drive from Indigo to the capital but – it is much more impressive to zoom along in a chopper.

Details of the reported meeting are also false.



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  1. Interesting game.
    Martelly hates Conille.
    Conille planned a retreat at Indigo, while Martelly held a meeting elsewhere. Martelly nthen called Conille for a meeting ith him and this is where the helicopter came in.

    It is a game that will see Conille take control from Martelly, if things continue along the present route. Conille is already creating his own personal cabinet within the Prime Minister’s office.

    He may simple neutralize Martelly and take over the game,

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