October 31, 2018

A nightmare revisted, as Aristide plans to take Haiti’s Presidency – by insurrection today – or via the ballot box next election.

It is only fitting for Aristide, the defrocked Priest and President of a Sect Rouge,  to have his representative Marysse Narcisse make a statement on October 31/November 1.

If you want to understand the Aristide Phenomena one must read Bram Stoker’s  classic DRACULA.

Aristide is the 2018 equivalent.

Aristide was rejected by the population, in 1991, in spite of propaganda to the contrary. The Lavalas parliament voted against his return in October, 1991 and voted to replace him with a new election, December, 1991, under the Conatitution’s Article 149.

This solution was blocked by President Bush’s “knee jerk” reaction – during the first week of October, 1991, a reaction Bush regretted, changing his demand from  “the return of Aristide” to “the return of constitutional government,” which Article 149 would have delivered.

1991 – 1994 -Three years of embargo, thousands of deaths by starvation, a ruined economy, followed by the forced return of Aristide, with 23,000 American troops, and certain guarantees designated by the Governors Island Accord.


This  soon meant nothing as Aristide betrayed his written word, destroyed the FAdH – Haiti’s military – and stole the electoral process by commanding our CEP.

All predictable!

And our American associates – guarantors of the deal – stood mute as Aristide crapped all over them.


Then Jacques Ketant, Fourel Celistin, and a band of other cocaine traffickers, testified as to Aristide’s command of the Cocaine Business. All of this evidence has been ignored as Haiti became the world’s first true NARCO STATE!  It has been consoidated this over the years, with American tolerance, and refusal to correct the situation with a simple extradition of Aristide to the comforts of a Miami federal jail cell.

A few days ago, Aristide hosted a meeting, at his Tabarre lair,  of Lavalas leaders from all corners of the Nation, discussing his proposed steps to destabilize the Jovenel Moise government NOW – and to be prepared for him – ARISTIDE – to take the Presidency again.

I believe that Aristide will not be in physical condition to follow-through with his plan. However, there is a real danger that someone like the criminal Schiller Louidor could gain control of the Lavalas element. This criminal who – as a PNH officer at our Francois Duvalier Airport – stole $750,000 USD from a lady’s luggage – then flew to the States to avoid Justice, is back in Haiti. His violent rhetoric is exactly what we don’t need now – magnified by numerous anti-government radio stations.

It is beyond me as to why the Jovenel Moise government has not cancelled RADIO TI MOUN’s license for its 24/24 transmission of criminal material, banned by Haiti’s laws.

Enough is Enough!

Time for the Jovenel Moise government to create a real plan, for the future, that sees these, and other criminally devisive elements, squashed, once and for all.

It should be, must be a Jovenel Moise Plan, not a mish-mash of competing philosophical concepts.

The Nation and its 12,000,000 people await their leader’ss decisive actions. The await his TSUNAMI to sweep away all opponents to Democratic government. OPERATION TSUNAMI could become the Nation’s battle cry!

They are ready to support Jovenel Moise in any effort to save their Nation.

Inaction will see the pendulum swing against our President, Jovenel Moise.

One of the first steps must be a National acceptance of the true Aristide Reality, one of chaos, fear, death and destruction. The following video is a reminder of the Real Aristide and what he stands for.



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