Haiti’s electoral council says election results to be released on time:Martelly leads

14:19, March 28, 2011 Peoples’ Daily online

Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) on Wednesday said it will release preliminary results from Sunday’s presidential elections by the end of the month.

Two days after Sunday’s run-off vote for Haiti’s new president the CEP have counted more than 25 percent of the votes, said CEP Operations Director Louiner Jean Marie.

Jean Marie said representatives of both presidential candidates are following the process and votes from most of the voting centers on the Caribbean island have already been suibmitted to Haiti’s election authorites.

The preliminary results are scheduled to be released on March 31 while final results are due on April 16.

Sylvie van den Wildenberg, spokeswoman for the United Nations Peace Mission in Haiti (Minustah), meanwhile said 97 percent of the votes have been delivered to the CEP Counting Center, The Minustah mission is involved in the transportation of the electoral material.

Both the Minustah, the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Caribbean Community (Caricom) are in charge of supervising the counting of votes to ensure a transparent process.

In the March 20 elections Haitians voted between former first lady Miralnde Manigat and popular singer Michel Martelly. Haiti’s new leader will replace current President Rene Preval in an inauguration ceremony scheduled for May.

Martelly was showing what could become a landslide in the Quick Count, showing over 70% to Manigat’s  20%.

Source: Xinhua


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2 thoughts on “Haiti’s electoral council says election results to be released on time:Martelly leads

  1. I have no trust in MINUSTAH transporting electoral materials 5 days after election days. thos ballots are fore sure exchanged for fake ones. we should have not accepted the same MINUSTAH cought in fraud in former election to be in charge of transporting ballots. this is an other fraud. you will remember me.the only way to find out the true results is recount by checking that finger print in all ballots are not just scaned. There is no trust in MINUSTAH transporting Ballots and Gaillo dorsainville as President of CEP when they were caught in fraud in former election we should have gotten rid of them first.

  2. I am hoping the results true will be accepted.

    I voted Ceant but cannot have him.
    Would not really want Martelly but he is better than Manigat.

    And Martelly was the winner of most votes.

    Isn’t that Democracy?

    What does the foreigner want with Democracy, a lie or truth, for a change?

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