December 11, 2014

This is a tragic day for Haiti.

The popular Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe, will be sacrificed, on the altar of expedience, for Kiko St. Remy, the President’s  brother-in-law. Somehow Michel negotiated some sort of amnesty for Kiko, immediately after Kiko’s PNH business associate was grabbed by the DEA in Leogane – according to American insiders.

What was the quid pro quo demanded by the Americans??  Conille, Bellerive, Myard-Paul?

Some suggest that it will be Evans Paul the Americans want  as  Lamothe’s replacement. Some will remember him as Mayor of Port-au-Prince during the 1990 elections when the French ambassador declared Aristide President, at 11 AM, hours before the polls were scheduled to close. Evans Paul then put the mob on the street ending the story. It was worth your life to question this threat.

And then, it was Evans Paul, who, along with Marie Laurence Lassegue, organized the killing of some 247 supporters of Doctor Roger Lafontant during January 1991.

Evans Paul gave us Aristide!

The perfect American choice.

They believe he will be a countervailing force against Aristide.

They are wrong.

We are experiencing a strange and bizarre situation that see Haiti’s fragile stability threatened by the removal of an effective Prime Minister, even as  most of the potential opposition, to the Lamothe Prime Ministership – are pressing for his retention. The majority – vast majority – are for the continuation of Lamothe’s presence as Prime Minister. The Haitian majority, the faceless mass is in support of Lamothe.

Michel Martelly has betrayed the trust of his supporters who gave him the presidency.

Michel Martelly has betrayed his best friend, Laurent Lamothe.

More importantly, Michel Martelly has betrayed his Oath of Office and the nation.

History will not remember him favorably as he trashes all the good he has done in the first years of his term.

Martelly lacked the balls to be up-front with Lamothe.

Instead, he sponsored demonstrations against the Prime Minister, his own Prime Minister, his best friend who financed his presidential campaign, when he was flat broke..

And Pamela White, the American Ambassador, and buddy of Sophia flip-flopped in a very suspicious manner. One day she was buddy-buddy with the Prime Minister… the next day a wall of ice. Not the neutral hand one expects from the American representative.

One would suppose that she was involved with the Kiko negotiations.

In fact, the rumor-mill sees some Haitian government representatives discussing their plans to arrest Kiko, with American embassy people. The rumor sees Ambassador White telling Sophia, and the fat was in the fire. Kiko sponsored manifestations and President Martelly changed loyalties.

The result: Prime Minister Lamothe’s destruction.

Martelly, and his partner Laurent Lamothe  gave Hope to Haiti, and its 10,000,000 citizens. He and Prime Minister Lamothe worked 24 hours a day to create a better Nation, and accomplished a great deal. There are some points that deserve criticism, but fewer than with most governments.  In the end, it was a very positive balance.

Now, all of this will be gone… washed away… like tears in the rain.


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13 thoughts on “HAITIAN TRAGEDY

  1. One of Kiko’s associates, from the La Familia team, has just been taken by the DEA.

  2. I have met the Ambassador at Caribbean super market on Saturdays. Arrogant and vulgar. She should be removed. How can our American government have an ambassador in place who is on so personal a basis with the First Lady? Especially when she knows of the St. Remy family reputation? Perhaps she has violated her trust and made a decision that is not the best for the American government.

    Time for a new team.

    Sent Pamela White home.

  3. I am sure the American ambassador was an intellectual author of that 11 member fiasco we have endured. meddlers in our affaires.

  4. Please recall Martelly’s night club in Petionville. I recall is was named The Garage with a Volkswagen over the entrance. Was a meeting center for all the drug dealers in 1993. Used to observe Michel the PNH chief there and others.

    1. Perhaps I am looking too deeply into this, but did anyone notice how all of this bullshit started gaining momentum right after Duvallier passed away?

      Martelly admired and respected him. Too bad he has pissed all over the good that was gained in recent years.

  5. If it isn’t broken do not fix it.
    Leave Prime Ministre Lamothe where he is.

  6. I suggest Haiti take ALL of the La Familia scumbags and put them in a cage- then take it out into the harbor, and drop the f###ers into the ocean to drown like rats.

    DEATH – no forgiveness. Just flatten everyone involved.

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