Haitian protesters say President Rene Preval must go

THOUSANDS of young Haitians demonstrated in their devastated capital yesterday, demanding the ouster of President Rene Preval.

One day after marking the six-month anniversary of the earthquake that hit on January 12, demonstrators from some of the poorest areas of Port-au-Prince set at least one vehicle on fire, and erected barricades of burning tyres along city streets.

They brandished photographs of former Haitian presidents Jean-Claude Duvalier and Jean-Bertrand Aristide, who are both in exile.

Police took up positions in front of the presidential palace, where demonstrators called for the electoral council organising legislative and presidential elections scheduled for November 28 to resign.

Reconstruction in the poor Caribbean nation has ground almost to a halt. Building cannot begin until rubble is cleared from the streets. But the city cannot afford professional equipment to remove rubble, as much international aid money is reserved for emergency relief.

The disaster prompted an almost unprecedented wave of donations from around the world, but billions of pledged dollars have yet to arrive.

Anti-government demonstrations died down in Haiti during the World Cup, but have returned quickly as the country marks the anniversary of the earthquake that killed at least 250,000 people, and left 1.5 million homeless.

Mr Preval’s mandate expires next February but several parties have accused him of seeking to stay in office.



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3 thoughts on “Haitian protesters say President Rene Preval must go

  1. There will be no elections in Haiti this year, period.The time is set for Revolution before the Reconstruction process,period.

    CEP is just testing the groung, period. Everyone knows what is going on in Haiti right now.It is in any way impossible to organize elections in Haiti right now.

    The Danger is, more you press on the pedale to accelarate the course of actions to bluff people, more the danger is near to the end.

    The Game is catastrophic.The Danger is wide open to destroy people and goods. I really don’t know if the international community and the Haitian Government can imagine what is cooking there? This Revolution will leave behind no one, period.

    The Danger will be a step to set Haiti free for ever. The Un understand that. UN hopes that happen for its own benefice too.These guys are tired with the situation and are very embarassed with the Haitian politicians who are the real propblem of the process of devlopment of this country.

    For, example, people from USA,Canada, France and else where,invest their own money capital to buy public positions in the Government of Haiti.In return, they stock any kind of public funds which could store the public reserve to allow the Government to provide services and assistance to the population.

    We don’t to spend more than $29,000,000.00 US to put in place a new team to stay in power for 5 more years. What a SHAME? The International Community is so stupid? What is the Game? By the way that things are running,the International Community MUST, MUST, MUST be very careful in the dossier of Haiti.

    Ones the Revolution is lunched in Haiti, there will be no way to evaluate the results in Haiti and in any country involved in.So, be wise gentlemen!Don’t be too arrogant because yo feel too powerful in the world.I hope you could hear and appreciate my humble advices.

    Anyway, good luck to all of you.

  2. Mezanmi, si nou pa koute konsey epi n ap gonfle lestomak nou, nou pral mennen peyi a yon pi gwo katastwof pase katastwof 12 Janvye 2010 la nan peyi Dayiti.

    Tanpri souple, mete fren nan radot oganizasyon eleksyon nan chirepit sa a, tande. Chak kan politik kwe nan direktiv ke y ap resevwa nan men chak gwoup zanmi blan pa yo. Enyen, oke, na kite sot.Sepandan, sa k pi tris la, seke, nou pral we sa two ta.

    Bon, poukisa nou pa pran yon dispozisyon pou nou pase 4 semen nan chita ansanm, pou nou reflechi sou chak pwen dezako nou genyen yo , epi, nou reflechi epi nou ta leve tet nou nan antere tout anbisyon pouvwa nou epi nou ta rive mete sou papye yon rezolisyon ki ta vin sevi nou kom yon BIB ENVYOLAB pou gide nou nan demach pou nou koupe fache avek sistem politik retwograd sa a, ki la selman pou kreye mize ak dezolasyon, pou bloke tout bon tandans pou nou ta rive mete Lape, Lapwosperite, ak Libete pou tout moun nan peyi a?

    Mwen genyen yon gwo dokiman ke mwen deja pase anpil ane ap prepare pou rezoud pwoblem Ayisyen. Li disponib, men, mwen pa p kapab pataje li avek nou kounyeya. Netwayaj la dwe fet anvan, paske, mwen fini pa we ke genyen yon fos fe nwa ki enstale nan mitan moun k ap viv an Ayiti epi ki dwe detwi anpil moun ki makonen ko yo avek li.

    Moun ki bwe pwa se li ki pou bay lapire.Antouka, ke m fe m mal pou nou.

  3. My friend Moses should limit the number of entries if he wishes people to read his manifestos. Sometime too much material sees people reading less.

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