Haitian presidential election set for Nov. 28

Haitian presidential election set for Nov. 28

By JONATHAN M. KATZ (AP) – 1 hour ago

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Haitian President Rene Preval set Nov. 28 as the date voters will choose his successor as leader of the earthquake-shattered Caribbean nation.

The much-anticipated decree setting the election date was signed Tuesday beside Port-au-Prince’s collapsed national palace, bearing the signatures of the president, prime minister and Cabinet. Voters will also choose legislators for Haiti’s now mostly vacant parliament.

The date itself is not a surprise: Haiti’s current constitution mandates elections be held the last Sunday of November in the fifth year of the president’s term.

But opponents had expressed concern that Preval was dragging his feet on holding the election, especially after he signed a decree extending his term by three months if voting was not held on time. That decision was met with protests. He responded by pledging to leave office by Feb. 7, 2011.

Organizing the elections will be no simple task.

The electoral council’s headquarters were destroyed and records lost in the Jan. 12 quake, while millions of voters were either killed, made homeless or displaced. Before the quake Preval’s opponents accused him of manipulating the council to benefit his allies and threatened to disrupt elections if the current officials are not replaced.

The Organization of American States, United Nations and others have pledged support for setting up the elections. Officials cite the need for national organization in the rebuilding and continuing efforts to strengthen democratic institutions in a country where government overthrows have been far more common than free elections.

Haiti’s constitution does not permit Preval to run again.

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JUNE 28, 2010




Edmund Mulet, Special representative of the UN Secretary General in Haiti appears to be cooperating with the concept of Haitian elections this coming November 28.

In reality, the game seems to be something else.

Two days ago Mulet spoke to a friend. In a tape recording of that conversation Mulet comments…

“I have to go along with this….but there will be no elections…”

Mulet went on to describe the reasons he would eventually give as to why the election could not be held. He will claim that it is “technically impossible”…. And…”too much insecurity…”

We must remember that MINUSTAH gave Preval the presidency even though he only received 23% of the votes. MINUSTAH, under the control of the Brazilian and Chilean leadership, in company with Rene Momplaisir – leader of the popular organizations – decided that they should avoid a constitutionally mandated run-off by giving Preval 51% of the vote, without consulting the other candidates, the Chamber of Deputies, or the Senate.

Edmund Mulet then acted as the UN’s intermediary with Rene Preval immediately after Preval’s bogus electoral victory.

Unless someone does something – NOW!!! – the clock will run out and the Mulet/UN strategy will become a fact.

They will then look to the creation of an Interim Government – to remain in office for 5 years – change the constitution via a Constitutional Assembly – and place Bill Clinton as overall czar of the entire Haitian Reconstruction Programme.

The Hillary Clinton team is already promoting the concept of a Nobel Prize for Bill Clinton’s Haitian work. One of Hillary’s closest associates – Cheryl Mills – is one of three people on the Haitian coordinating team. This illegal and unconstitutional committee is made up of Bill Clinton, Cheryl Mills and Prime Minsiter Bellerive.

The media is already suggesting that many leaders “want an interim government.” This is a lie, but the world will believe what they read.

Once the Interim Government is in place – its lifespan can be lengthened off into infinity.

Preval is busy negotiating an amnesty for him and his wife. He is willing to agree to anything in order to save his skin.

Someone had better force the issue now, while there is still time to organize a real and effective election November 28. Any delay will result in another disaster.

Remember the Americans created the Gerard Latortue government.

Do you want another one of these???


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