Haitian-led Agricultural Taskforce Announced

A new Lavi Ti-Plantè Taskforce (“Farmer’s Life Taskforce”) was announced on October 13th as part of a White House Roundtable on Haiti. With a focus on smallholder farming, the taskforce will consider medium and long-term strategies for a Haitian-led systemic transformation of the agricultural sector.
Convened under the auspices of the Clinton Global Initiative’s Haiti Action Network and jointly led by two Haitian organizations, the Smallholder Farmers Alliance and Acceso, the taskforce will make recommendations to the Government of Haiti and international donors for achieving a holistic and place-based farming approach that draws on traditional smallholder practices and food systems to achieve resilient and healthy farm communities and ecosystems.
A key resource for the taskforce will be the newly completed Haiti Food Security Survey that was announced during the White House roundtable. This groundbreaking survey represents input from close to 27,000 smallholders throughout Haiti as to what they need to improve their farming and significantly increase food production. The taskforce will explore and propose ways to further connect smallholder production to local and international markets; scale existing agroforestry models that integrate tree planting; position Haiti to be in the forefront of the burgeoning regenerative agriculture movement; turn data into an income-generating farm product; and, secure new funding opportunities presented by the rapidly expanding voluntary and compliance carbon markets.

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