Haitian Insurance Company Denounced for Corruption- Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth



Port-au-Prince, Mar 4 ( Prensa Latina) Union members of the Office of Insurance against Accidents at Work, Illnesses and Maternity ( Ofatma ) denounced Monday acts of corruption in the entity and accused its director of misappropriation of funds.


According to the trade unionists, the 52 million gourdes (some 650,000 dollars) available at the cash register before Joseph Agabus’ arrival at the central office have disappeared and condemn contracts with private individuals outside the rules.

They also denounce the signing of contracts with family members, and overpayments to their close workers, such as the chief of staff, whose salary, the unionists regret, exceeds 354,000 gourdes (about 4,425 dollars).

Agabus became Ofatma’ president by presidential decree in March 2017, and according to his administration’s results, three dialysis centers were opened in the country.

He also increased all employees’ salaries and regularized the files of hired workers.

Improving Ofatma’s internal functioning and strengthening its capacity to provide a better service to society are the main objectives of this institution, Agabus said.

However, according to the union’s spokesman, the executive transferred some ‘uncomfortable’ workers to other offices to avoid denunciations, and points out that Agabus squanders funds intended for the insured.

Ofatma’s director flatly dismissed the accusations against his administration, made since last December and assured his main mission is to improve social security.

Ofatma, founded in 1967, administers occupational accident, sickness and maternity insurance programs and the Haitian civil servants’ self-insurance program.




The government should look closely at Dr Agabus’ incompetent and criminal handling of the Nation’s Dialysis Projects. Agabus filters the purchase of all expendables through his hands, making millions, while providing inferior service.

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