Haiti – Social : Oxfam temporarily stops its operations to Corail-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Haiti - Social : Oxfam temporarily stops its operations to Corail

Following two demonstrations on 25 April and 30 May 2012 before its premises in Petion-ville by a group of people from the camp Corail, the international organization Oxfam announced that it stops momentarily its water and sanitation operations in this IDP camp pending clarification of the situation. The organization regrets that the demonstrators had proffered unfounded charges against the organisation despite the transparency that has always marked its relations with the general population and in particular with the beneficiaries of its various projects in the camp.

Oxfam operates in Corail since April 2010 in the activities of water and sanitation as well as in economic empowerment of the beneficiaries. The Water and Sanitation component is still ongoing and reaches 10,000 people. However the program to support small businesses ended in December 2011. All of these activities was conducted in collaboration with the population in a transparent and participatory manner.

The support program for small businesses that ended in December 2011, targeted a small number of beneficiaries who had already had business before the earthquake to help them relaunch their economic activities. The selection process of these beneficiaries was done in collaboration with the City of Croix-des-Bouquets, committees and camp residents. Oxfam began by explaining to residents of Corail that the objective and the resources allocated to this program did not aim the entire population, but rather small entrepreneurs obeying to clear criteria and previously established by Oxfam and its partners. Oxfam has in no way pledged money to each family head.

Oxfam is committed to listen to the claims and grievances of the people in each meeting held until now and take seriously their discontent. Oxfam is committed to review the implementation of the program and verify each of the grievances and claims of the group. “Oxfam has held meetings with the Mayor and heads of committees to explain in full transparency the programs and methodologies used and continues to collaborate in mutual respect with all stakeholders” indicated Mr. Damien Berrendorf, the Associate Director of Oxfam.

Oxfam has undertaken to assess the design and implementation of the program to support small business and agrees to share the findings with all interested parties.

Oxfam is therefore obliged to temporarily suspend its activities related to water and sanitation because of the security situation which has deteriorated in recent weeks. Oxfam continues to work with local authorities in the resolution of conflict in order to recreate an atmosphere of trust and security to resume the activities to Corail.

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Let’s cut this transparency crap!

OXFAM has always been quick to cover its ass whenever real problems arise. They are frightened of the affect upon its worldwide fundraising, should the truth about various problems be aired puclicly.

You will remember the resignation of OXFAM’s country director, and the firing of a load of people. OXFAM did a wonderful step-dance …making people believe that some small things had gone wrong, and the Country Director, a moral man, stepped down. In fact, the problem was a major scandal with a load of money and material unacccounted for.

In some societies, the word theft would us used.

OXFAM, having a wonderful grasp of the English language…picked a load of neat, unobtrusive words to obfuscate and avoid the fact that if it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck…it is probably a duck.

Criminality is criminality.

The Haitian people are sick and tired of these foreign groups raising a zillions dollrs – through the use of Haiti’s name – then refusing to expend the funds here.

The Red Cross with over $300,000,000 would face a criminal investigation if it was totally functional in the States, as would The Clinton Foundation, with its $333,000,000 raised for Haiti – with very little to show for this other than $70,000,000 in wages and $40,000,000 in travel expenses, over a 24 month period.

The Mafia has more integrity since all it possesses is its Word.


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