Haiti – Security : Towards a resolution of the crisis in Grand Goâve…

Haiti - Security : Towards a resolution of the crisis in Grand Goâve...

For some time the town of Grand Goâve is faced with serious difficulties such as group problems, conflicts or clashes between rival gangs, protests, burning tires and barricades on the National Road #2, which seriously impair the functioning of the community and social peace.

This weekend, Me Jean Alix Civil, Government Commissioner to the Court of First Instance of Petit-Goâve, accompanied by Mr. Emmanuel Tataille, Dean of the Court of First Instance of Petit-Goâve met with the Town Hall of Grand-Goâve in presence of other authorities from Gressier, Léogne, of Deputy of Grand-Goâve Franck Laporte, of outgoing mayor Pierre Salam, the Departmental Delegate of West and of Vice-delegate of the the district of Léogâne, various citizens and members of grassroots organizations to discuss problems and find by the dialogue a final outcome to this situation, which affects the city and cause significant damage.

“We realized that the city of Grand-Goâve experiencing a crisis that has too long, which caused many problems, loss of life and goods. We’re all tired and concerned about this state of affairs. The approach consists, as authorities, to sit around a table to pose the problems and work together in order to take appropriate measures, which include the restoration of Peace in Grand-Goâve.

Another meeting is scheduled for next week with more citizens for the sole purpose of continuing the dialogue already begun. For today, what seems most important to me, for the inhabitants of Grand-Goâve and those of other departments of the country is Peace. That is why we begin this series of talks with all citizens. Today’s meeting is a step in the right direction,” commented Deputy Laporte.

For hispart, the Commissioner Alix Civil declared “for some time, we all know that the town of Grand-Goâve is facing serious problems, such as group problems, conflicts or clashes between rival gangs, disputes, burning tires and barricades on the National Road #2.

This disturbs the functioning of the community. As a result, citizens can not go about their daily activities because the city of Grand-Goâve is a bridge which connects Port-au-Prince to about 4 departments: Nippes, South-East from the Côtes-de-fer, South and Grand Anse. To this must be added criminal acts that are committed in this city usually: cars were torched and others damaged. As responsible, we understand that there is the necessity for the authorities to sit in a spirit of citizenship in order to analyze the situation and see how we can move towards the solution of these problems. […] We discussed several possible solutions. We proposed to meet next week, others citizens including protesters or opposition groups.

Everyone must participate in the discussions. From these meetings, we hope there will be a collective awareness of both sides and as citizens, we will all agree on a modus operandi, so that we can permanently solve problems. However, those who have committed offenses, will have to answer for their acts before justice. Records have already been forwarded to the investigation cabinet. Justice will remain justice […]”

HL/ HaitiLibre / Guyto Mathieu (Correspondant Petit-Goâve)


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