Haiti – Radio Caraibes UNDER POLICE FIRE With A Haitian Legislator Inside!

Radio Caribe: Wednesday April 18, 2012 12:26 PM ET

Shots Fired By Police In Front of Haiti Radio Caraibes With Haitian Legislator, Deputy Rodriguez, Being Interviewed Inside the station

Haitian Deputy Rodriguez Sejour was in the middle of an interview on Radio Caraibes when Haitian Policemen bombarded the radio station and fired lots of gunshots into the air.

During the program INTERSECTION, Radio Caraibes made live cry to the public and to authorities that “We are under fire!” and fear  for the security of Deputy Rodriguez Sejour.

The radio station is under lots of pressure because some of the policemen want to enter the premises of the radio station and officials of the radio are saying they cannot enter with their weapons.

As of the writing of the article, Haitian Deputy Rodriguez Sejour is still inside the radio station, the police is still outside and there is no mention of the intent of the police as to why they want to enter the radio station.

Coincidentally, the deputy is inside being interviewed because his name is mentioned in the murder of Haitian policeman Calixte Walky Tuesday.

The Haitian Parliament is on Alert and demanding that Haitian police immediately leave the premises.



Here are the facts.

On Tuesday, Depute  Rodriguez Sejour’s chauffeur became involved in an altercation  with another person. When the police officer – Walky Calixte agent II –   arrived, it was obvious to him that the chauffeur was the aggressor. The chauffeur was arrested.

This should be the end of the story, however,  Minister of Justice Brunache intervened, illegally, insisting the PNH release the Depute’s chauffeur.

The chauffeur was released and shortly, thereafter, PNH officer Walky Calixte was murdered.

And, by the way, the chauffeur was Depute Rodriguez Sejour’s cousin.

Minister of Justice Brunache, and Depute Rodriguez Sejour should both be arrested, along with the Depute’s cousin. Unfortunately, two will claim claim impunity/immunity or whatever you wish to call it, because of their official position, and the chauffeur will walk free, because of his cousin’s position.

This is a clear-cut example of why Haiti’s attempt at Democracy is completely and totally dysfunctional.

This situation, and others like it, are examples of what could cause Martelly’s complete and total failure.  Martelly already has problems with the rank-and-file PNH, plus some of its leadership.

The murder of  27 yeard old Walky Calixte, PNH grade 11, could well be the match dropped into the gas can.

In many other countries, the PNH officers would have dragged the son-of-a-bitch out onto the streets for instant justice, along with his chauffeur.

I  would not sell the chauffeur life insurance and I hope he doesn’t have an American or Canadian visa.


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3 thoughts on “Haiti – Radio Caraibes UNDER POLICE FIRE With A Haitian Legislator Inside!

  1. The chauffeur became involved in a confrontation and PNH reacted. They discovered that the Depute’s chauffeur – his cousin – was in possession of an illegal weapon. In other words, the Depute’s cousin was arrested for a major infraction of the laws.

    And the results were fatal.

    The Minister of Justice Brunache – not for the first time, ordered an illegal release of someone arrested for a crime.

    The police officer was assassinated, perhaps with the illegal firearm.

    People criticize Haiti’s legals system. They are correct to do this when the Minister of Justice violates the basic concepts of law and order.

    And now we witness Parliament, in all its vocal grandeur, voicing outrage at the PNH frustration, and reaction over the death of yet another member of the Force.

    The PNH should withdraw its security protection for all members of the Senate of Chamber of Deputies.

  2. The PNH officer was murdered 2 hours after the chauffeur was released.

  3. You have seen nothing yet. Those Haitian legislators will soon have full impunity not immunity and they will be able to order the execution of anyone at anytime. It will take Haitians with strong will to exterminate those fripouilles.

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