Haiti-Police-Strike: Disciplinary measures planned against the strikers-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Tuesday, 24 April 2012 14:28

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (defend.ht)- The Minister of Justice and Public Safety, Michel Brunache, and the Director General of the National Police of Haiti, Mario Andresol (photo), raised the possibility of punishing the police strike of April 23 under the principles of ethics.

Michel Brunache told the press that “if police officers were involved in the troubles of Monday, I regret I’ll have to take disciplinary action against them.”

The Minister of Justice resigned “assured his support to the High Command of the National Police for all legal and regulatory measures to return to calm” in a note dated April 23.

The Director General of the National Police of Haiti, Mario Andresol, for his part, disagreed the strike of his troops who mourn one of their comrades killed.

“We will not accept any deviant behavior,” insisted the chief executive of the National Police of Haiti outraged by the strike Monday of the various units of the police institution. Law and internal regulations governing the Police force, he said, do not allow the strike and protest. “It is not the right way to do things. I want the police to get back to work,” commented Andrésol who returns to office after several months of convalescence from a surgery.

Some sectors that Mario Andresol has not indexed would be behind the movement of police causing a confusing situation in the country. “This is how the Armed Forces of Haiti had been dismantled. They have been infiltrated by the manipulators, “said the former officer of disbanded army.

A group of police officers observed a work stoppage throughout the day April 23 in protest against the assassination of their colleague Walky Calixte killed while driving his car on the road to Martissant April 17, 2012.

Brothers in arms and the victim’s relatives suspect the Deputy Sejour Rodriguez of masterminding the crime.

In a press note, the MP presented his sympathies to the bereaved relatives of the police and says that he is involved in this case.



As a matter of interest, the Director General, of Police must be a civilian, but I guess that doesn’t matter in Haiti.

Andresol is universally disliked as he oversees a force in which the low level officers have their lives made intolerable as cash dedicated to food, uniforms and facilities is stolen by Andresol and others. How does a guy, on Andresol’s wages, afford the lifestyle he enjoys??

His entourage is bigger than Martelly’s as he zooms around with a 50 man motorcycle escort, plus a number of vehicles, crammed with assault rifle toting PNH officers.

His term will end this year and that promises to initiate some fireworks. Martelly has a dossier on Andresol and Andresol has the dirt on Martelly.


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