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Thursday, 21 June 2012 12:03
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PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (defend.ht) – The audit on government contracts awarded during the emergency period of former Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive following the earthquake of 2010 continues into the new government of PM Laurent Lamothe. As suggested by the audit commission established by former PM Garry Conille, 41 contracts will be held for review and more than a dozen others will be investigated on their effectiveness.

All of the contracts are being financed with the long-term, low-interest loan from Venezuela through the 2007 PetroCaribe agreement. These funds have been the topic of controversy and suspicion as to their use.

But according to Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, in a televised meeting of the Haitian Council of Ministers, PetroCaribe is one of the more better budgeted accounts of the government.

Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe
Council of Ministers
06.20.12 | TNH/martellytv

”…for me, I believe these funds [PetroCaribe] are funds that are well managed, that have the most transparency and give the most results… and is very well budgeted; it is in the budget.”

”Every dollar that is spent from the PetroCaribe fund is budgeted…”

”Here and now there are people who may come and say X, Y or Z but the reality is, there is not one dollar in the PetroCaribe fund that is spent and is not budgeted.” – Laurent Lamothe, Prime Minister

The concerns which initiated the audit by former Prime Minister Garry Conille, were that contracts for government projects, of funds from the PetroCaribe account, were signed under dubious circumstances and to questionable companies by his predecessor, former Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive. Indeed, the audit commission found this to be the case.

Prime Minister Lamothe would agree with the audit of Conille and would want to investigate further. The concern of the Haitian government remains if the contracts are legitimate but more so if their projects are being completed.

”On the management of the money, I know that this is being done with regularity. But on the question of the management of the projects, I believe this can be reinforced.”

“I think we can form a mixed commission on the management of the projects so that we can know.”

”For example, when we look at the construction of the public market in Jacmel. We see that it has been since May 2011 that the money was disbursed and we have only 53% of the job done. We gave $900,000.00 and there is $400,000.00 that I just approved but has not yet been given.”

”The construction of the public market in Cariere, it’s the same thing…” – Laurent Lamothe, Prime Minister

For 41 contracts, of a total amounting to $315 million [US], whose monies had not been disbursed a stop-payment was ordered to review the contracts and companies to which they were assigned to.

For a dozen-and-a-half other contracts, of a total amounting to a near $500 million [US], of which some disbursements were made, a more stringent review will be undertaken.

The findings on both groups of contracts will be forwarded to the Haitian Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes (CSCCA) for a final opinion and review of their legality.



How disgusting!

Michel Martelly promised to pursue Rene Preval for the $198,000,000 stolen from Petro Caribe and now we have Laurent Lamothe saying everything is ok!  Petro Caribe could not be plundered without the Central Bank knowing exactly what was happening. That is why the Preval Central Bank chief was held-over by Martelly.

Some are suggesting that an audit of TELECO – like the one that just jailed a few people – should be carried out. Rumors are circulating, around Haiti, to the effect that TELECO funds have been pillaged by Lamothe, with the help of Haiti’s Central Bank chief.

We are sure there is no truth in these stories. However, for the well-being of Martelly’s government, assaulted by all sorts of accusations that see his wife – Sophie – demanding payoffs .. and others demanding cash for jobs…Martelly should clear the air and let his public see what reality is. A rumor sees over $250,000 handed over for the Director’s position at the Cap Haitien airport. The would-be director is so bad they cannot give him the position, but do not want to refund the money.

The pay for jobs scandal is yet to erupt, even though many know details of various payments.

Martelly still commands widespread support throughout Haiti’s vast majority.

Unfortunately, some of his inner circle prevents fresh air from reaching our President.


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  1. Do not forget the big cash payment for the Director Douane in Miragoane, or the dealing for head of CEP.People cannot get proposals past Sophie without paying.
    Good projects fail.Criminal projects survive.

    Haiti will suffer.

  2. It is obvious that the persons thats writing these articles dont support the Martelly regime.I cannot at this time say anything bad about Martelly, he has only been in power for a littlee over a year.Why dont everyone thats looking so hard at Martelly look at what the past two(2)presidents net worth is ,go to google.com and type in (Aristides net worth and you will see that it is almost one Billion dollars–do the same and type in Prevals net worth almost 7 hundred million–come on guys why dont anyone say or have said anything about this.–how come if you put the net worth of all the past presidents of the U.S and Canada and France together it does not comes close to Aristides net worth,he was president to the poorest country in the western Hemisphere,but now is the richest ex-president of all time,and never did a full term .Please someone comment on this,and dont say its for a the money comes from a books he wrote.Not every is blind to the TRuth–

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