September 16, 2015
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September 14, 2015

We must focus on the Haitian reality, not the stupidity of our Opont Debate.

It has no calories – produces no water.

The Haitian Reality is a simple one.


Haiti’s majority faces an accelerating assortment of life-threatening challenges, as Martelly plays soccer, on the beach, or flies to Miami with a load of legal help and millions of our dollars to save Olivier, even as faceless Haitian children die of starvation, and are cheated of the real schooling promised by Martelly, so long ago.

PWOMIS SE DET is simply a vague memory.

Another politician’s promise that is broken.

They thought Michel was something else. Unfortunately, “Sweet Mickey” has morphed into “Michel Martelly –  Politician”-  who has forgotten his base.

At this moment, there is no water in Kenscoff as springs have run dry. Area dependent upon agriculture means no water for plants, in addition to no water for people.

Thieves roaming the area, night and day, making this a war zone with a handful of PNH officers to cover district.

The North West has been facing severe drought conditions. The area is experiencing Death by Starvation, added to the usual death to UN sponsored cholera and assorted other ailments for which they have no medical relief.

Thomassique has no way to collect those who die. They are now transported on motorcycles, like a bag of rice or cement.

In the Plateau Centrale, sick people are carried on their beds, often 10 kilometers to minimal medical facilities.

Most die enroute.

Cholera is accelerating, cloaked in new phraseology – “Severe Diarrhea.”   Lowering statistics on cholera, accelerating rates of Severe Diarrhea.”

A rose by any other name.

MINUSTAH ignores its responsibilities.

Even as the focus is on Opont, elections, and the CEP, Martelly’s government has basically deserted the scene.

The President is more focused upon the self-generated problems of Olivier, as his association with Lobo, son of  President of Suriname, is examined. Seems as though Lobo was arrested for cocaine trafficking.

Olivier has stolen millions, or has been given stolen millions by Sophia/Michel. These millions would have been betters spent of schools.

A lot of areas have no schools, in spite of Minister of Education Manigat’s claims. He is spending tens of thousands, millions from Ministry funds, to promote himself, and his lies.

No matter what Manigat says, the school system is being destroyed by his direct actions, actions aimed at creating opportunity for embezzlement on a seeming legal basis.

The entire acceleration towards disaster was initiated by Martelly’s betrayal of the Haitian people, via the betrayal of his friend Laurent Lamothe.

With the departure of Lamothe, all of the projects, initiated by him, were cancelled by the new Prime Minister, Evans Paul.

Even the key feeding programs were cut, leaving already desperate people in an impossible situation.

All of these problems create a growing disenchantment with the Martelly team as they realize the Martelly promise, to give them Lamothe,  is like his other promises.


Martelly now regrets this action, but this remorse is too late.

Another Martelly promise – SECURITY – is basically non-existent, unless you are the President or a cabinet minister with an armored jeep.

Yesterday, TV featured the funeral of a man and wife who were murdered after they cleared 2 containers of charity goods from customs.

A top gang leader in Cite Soleir was filled with holes – 9 of them – which proved fatal.

People withdrawing money from banks are held up in the parking lot, or on the streets, by motorcycle bandits. Lucky if they escape death!

Home invasions on the up-swing!

An explosion is imminent!!

Last night, during a radio interview, Arnel Belizaire and Paul Denis warned of a very real threat.

They warned that the current trend, in the electoral process, is geared to create a true, democratically elected NARCO STATE. And, they said, if this happens, Haiti will remain a NARCO STATE for the next thirty years, or more.

And this is what the Americans, Canadians, French, International Community, UN, OAS….. wants?

Haiti is on auto-pilot.

Captain Martelly has abandoned the airliner.

It will fly on until fuel runs out.

Then it will crash!!

Low fuel warning light are already flashing!!!



  1. abc news on September 14, 2015 at

    Suriname president’s son arrested on U.S. drug charges

    By CNN Staff

    Updated 0301 GMT (1001 HKT) September 1, 2013
    Dino Bouterse, shown here in 2003, faces weapons and drug trafficking conspiracy charges and could face life in prison..
    Dino Bouterse, shown here in 2003, faces weapons and drug trafficking conspiracy charges and could face life in prison..
    Story highlights

    Dino Bouterse faces federal drug and weapons charges in New York
    Panamanian authorities arrest him, hand him over to U.S. officials
    Boutserse is the son of Suriname’s president

    The son of Suriname’s president is facing drug charges in New York federal court.

    Panamanian authorities detained Dino Bouterse at Tocumen International Airport outside Panama City and handed him over to U.S. authorities, the Central American nation’s foreign ministry said Friday.

    A federal grand jury indictment alleges that Bouterse, 40, “caused a suitcase containing 10 kilograms of cocaine to be transported from Suriname into the Caribbean” in July.

    Bouterse brandished an anti-tank weapon during the alleged trafficking operation, prosecutors said in a statement Friday.

    He faces weapons and drug trafficking conspiracy charges that carry a maximum sentence of life in prison, prosecutors said.

    In a statement Friday, Suriname’s foreign ministry acknowledged Bouterse’s detention but said the reasons for it were unclear.

    He is the son of Desi Bouterse, a former military strongman who was elected president of the South American nation in 2010.

    CNN did not get an immediate response Saturday to messages left for an attorney believed to represent Bouterse.

  2. Sylvain Dominique on September 14, 2015 at

    The 10 kilos were transported to Haiti.

  3. helene daniel on September 14, 2015 at

    Qui a besoin de 10 kilos quand nous avons un bateau avec 164 tonnes?

  4. gregoire santilius on September 14, 2015 at

    Old saying: “Waste not want not.”
    Every kilo counts.

  5. Jerome St. Vil on September 14, 2015 at

    Martelly a abandonné son peuple

  6. JACK PETERS on September 14, 2015 at

    Your choice of a final illustration is indicative of Martelly’s departure responsibility.

    It shows Martelly on stage – drunk, drunk, drunk during the expensive concert by those American Hip-Hop people.

    Haiti was/is faced with massive deportations from the DR and he yelled, Fuck them!!! as if the 300,000 poor people mattered, counted for nothing.

    To those who ask….”Will the real Michel Martelly please stand up.”

    What you see is what you get.