Haiti inspired by the Mexican producers and exporters of mangoes

19/07/2013 11:01:02

Haiti - Agriculture : Haiti inspired by the Mexican producers and exporters of mangoes

Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development (MARNDR), in collaboration with the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) and the National Institute of Forestry, Agricultural, and Livestock Research (INIFAP) of Mexico, organized a technical visit in mango producing region of the state of Nayarit [Mexico], in order to adapt the successful experiences of Mexican producers and exporters in Haiti.

The Haitian delegation, composed of 16 people from the public and private sectors, as well as the technical cooperation in Haiti, visited the Mexican facilities and have been in contact with producers, exporters, processors of fruits and researchers of the INIFAP.

The inter-American organization explained that investments in the mango sector is important and the impacts in the region are obvious, such as the development of clusters in the articulation of small businesses.

Recall that mango exports in Haiti, especially the variety Madame Francique, represent approximately $ 15 million annually.

Members of the Haitian delegation agreed that the Mexican model gave them a lot of ideas that can be adapted to the conditions of Haiti through the willingness and a long-term vision.

In addition, the Ministry of Agriculture of Haiti, asked IICA to collaborate with the INIFAP and other partners to increase the number of people trained in this sector in the short term, in early 2014.

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