Haiti – Economy : The DGI launches a campaign of «tax compliance»

Haiti - Economy : The DGI launches a campaign of «tax compliance»

Mr. Jean Baptiste Clark Neptune, the Director General, of the DGI (Directorate General of Taxes), accompanied by Andral Joseph, Deputy Director-General and of François Sérant, Head of Communication Service of the institution, proceeded Thursday, May 31 to the launch of the tax awareness campaign under the theme “Ayiti an avan” (Haiti forward).

The campaign aims to raise public awareness to fulfill its tax obligations regularly, on a voluntary and is part of the institutional reforms planned for the next five years [streamline the organization for more effective management, facilitate the voluntary fulfillment of tax obligations, simplify and harmonize the tax system, improve administrative performance, strengthen the supervisory bodies…]. Reforms whose success is based on the full cooperation of taxpayers.

A set of media tools will be implemented in all major cities. 50 Billboards carrying messages of information and incentives and also commercials inviting taxpayers to voluntarily adhere to the pact of tax compliance and to pay taxes will be widely disseminated on radio and television stations across the territory to reach the most remote areas.

“This campaign will will help to bring the ‘gospel fiscal’ in the remotest corners of the country. Citizens will become familiar with the tax and we want to reverse this trend who wants that the province occupies a place negligible and insignificant in our revenue performance,” declared Jean Baptiste Clark Neptune. Aware of the enormous challenges to meet by his institution, the Director General of the DGI, recognizes that this approach is not an end in itself, but one element contributing to the successful reform of the institution and promised to make of the DGI, “a modern institution, applying with equity, the tax laws.”

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