Haiti – Culture : A Carnival 2012 without violence, situation of the first 2 days

Haiti - Culture : A Carnival 2012 without violence, situation of the first 2 days

HaitiLibre:Shortly before the start of the festivities, many doubted the capacity of the city of Les Cayes to make an event of this size and many were those who worried about the security aspect of the Carnival 2012. So far these concerns have proved unfounded, the Carnival was held in a family atmosphere where children and adults participated massively safely without major incidents.

This is primarily thanks to the people of the city of Les Cayes we have so far a non-violent Carnival explained in a press conference Réginald Delva, Advisor to the National Committee mixed (public-private) and Secretary of State for Public Security “The credit belongs firstly to the inhabitants of Les Cayes, the population of Les Cayes wanted its Carnival, it is organized, and made ​​his own safety. People have watched the one on the other and the police accompanied them. […] Once again I think we should say thank you to the people of Les Cayes for its behavior […]”

In a press conference Tuesday, the President Martelly wished to commend the National Police for their behavior and pay tribute to the people of Les Cayes “…I think the police have done an amazing job, I want to congratulate the police, thank them for their behavior and I also want to congratulate the population of Les Cayes who wanted its Carnival and went out to preserve its Carnival, to protect it, I wanted to honor them because through this attitude they allowed the Carnival to become the success it is today, thank you very much…”

Indeed, we hear comments from everywhere, and all welcome the success of the event. “I can have fun, go dancing in the crowd, without fear of victimization. That’s what I like,” says a partygoer. A woman in her thirties, from Port-au-Prince added : “I ​​take a walkabout for the first time in the national carnival. I am delighted.”

Situation of the first 2 days (Sunday and Monday)
Florence Duperval Guillaume, the Minister of Public Health and Population took stock of the first 2 days (Sunday and Monday) “[…] The first day we treated 60 people and no deaths related to carnival festivities […] the second day we treated 70.

On these two days, 69 people were treated for minor injuries, and for most of the other it was interventions related to respiratory problems due to heat and excessive alcohol consumption. A person is still under observation in a critical condition for a head injury and we had several cases of poisoning due to alcohol, the second day, we deplore a fatal accident, a young man (Guerrier Berno Benchiler) 29 years from Port-au-Prince, drunk, he fell on the road and was crushed by the trailer of a generator of group Barikad Crew. For the last fat day, we have strengthened our staff.”

The Minister recalled that the data of this balance of the first 2 days, came from the 10 ambulances from the public health, of 6 ambulances of the OFATMA, of ambulances from the Haitian Red Cross, the 2 ambulances of the OAVCT, of Emergency stand of the First Lady and a mobile clinic.

The Head of State wished to paid tribute particularly to the rescue work and scouts “I want to send a big nod to the 250 volunteer rescue workers trained within the MTK (Tet Kale Movement) and the scouts that I saw in the streets and I wanted to take this opportunity to salute them and tell them that it is through their efforts that what we call ‘a success’ has been made ​​possible.”


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