Borrowing from Baroness Orczy’s Scarlet Pimpernel we have watched Privert’s frustrated efforts to capture Guy Philippe, who hides in plain sight.   Privert is “Citizen Chauvelein” in the story, as he seeks the capture of Guy Philiipe, our “Pestel Pimpernel.”

They seek him here,

They seek him there,

The Privert seeks him everywhere.

Is he in Heaven,

Or is he in Hell,

That damned elusive Pimpernel!

Privert continues to embarrass himself with the ill-conceived pursuit of Guy Philippe, supporter by his (Privert’s) creation of false incidents, in an effort to destroy Guy.

Guy simply demands Privert’s departure, at the end of his mandate.

Nothing more!

One must use un-democratic language to describe Privert.

He is really an asshole!!!



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  1. Nouvel la fek Tombé
    Gouvernement Privert la bay komisè Jeremi an lòd pou Guy paret nan tribunal

    Sou declaration incendière ke li Di Guy fè nan Lapress pou si Privert pa remet Palais a nan dat limit akô Privert la
    Li Di tou pou tout zak Ki fet nan Peyi a plus precisement Okay li!!!

    Kesyon map Poze Peup la Eske Danton sa pat Mandé pou incendye Peyi a Nan demen lekol leogane Brûlé?
    Kom rekonpans Menm Danton sa Commissaire du Gvt!

    Eske Andre Michel pat Mandé pou redui Haiti an sand
    Nou tout sonje Sak tè pase Apres mesaj saa

    Donk Paske Kandida Senatè pou Grandans la te Hero national 2004
    Li Merite ap subi percecution Lavalas jounen Jodia

    Paske Komandan Guy Philippe te pote collaboration li Nan Batay 2004 Apres Massacre Privert Kom minis Interieur a l epok
    Jounen Jodia Privert Prizonye President Vle fè Guy Philippe Peye pou Prizon li te pran pou lacierie

    Mezanmi Nou paka rete bra kwazé Poun kite Percecution politics Sa yo Komanse ak Lavalas

    Hier Se tet PHTK Jodi a ,Se Alyé ak Guy Philippe
    Demen li Ka nou Menm militants angaje li Ka mwen Menm
    Kap fè rapel istwa Peyi Nou an

    Ann pote kole ak Guy Philippe Poun Di Privert manda Sa Se pou tout Ayisyen Ki Ap batay pou Liberté d’expression , Manda Sa Se pou tout Ayisyen Ki di yo bouke ak Menas Privert ak tout ekip nan pouvwa li Ap Fe Sou moun Ki pa Danse kole ak yo

    Nou semante 77fwa 7fwa Nou pap maron an Guy Philippe Nou Se ou

    Group Support Citoyen (GSC)

  2. Lawyer Denies Ex-Rebel Leader Tied to Attack on Haiti Police

    By The Associated Press

    PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — May 24, 2016, 5:45 PM ET


    The lawyer for a Senate candidate and ex-rebel leader said Tuesday that his client had nothing to do with a deadly attack on a police station in southern Haiti this month.

    Attorney Reynold Georges said accusations that former paramilitary Guy Philippe organized the May 16 assault on the Les Cayes police station were baseless and “politically motivated.” A prosecutor in the southwest town of Jeremie summoned Philippe to his office Tuesday, but Georges requested 15 more days to prepare for initial questioning.

    Georges asserted that interim President Jocelerme Privert’s administration is “persecuting” Philippe and other people aligned with former President Michel Martelly’s Tet Kale party.

    Presidential spokesman Serge Simon declined comment on Georges’ assertions, saying Haiti’s justice system is still investigating the police station attack.

    Speaking from Les Cayes, police Inspector Octave Jean said as many as 50 armed men joined in the attack on the station, during which a number of guns were stolen. The attackers wore camouflage or faded green uniforms that appeared to be from Haiti’s disbanded military, he said.

    One police officer was killed and one wounded officer is still being treated, Jean said.

    Some of the assailants tried to escape in a white van that swerved off a road and tumbled into a ravine, killing three of the attackers. Four men survived the crash and were captured, but Jean said two of them died while undergoing medical treatment.

    Jean said two of the captured men told investigators that Philippe was behind the attack.

    The attacker killed in a shootout with police at the station has been identified as a 70-year-old ex-soldier. Other captured men were younger and clearly not demobilized soldiers, Jean said.

    “These are guys who have been recruited to create trouble,” he said, declining to provide any other specifics about the investigation.

    Haiti’s military was abolished in 1995 under Aristide because of its history of toppling governments and crushing dissent. Small groups of veterans have complained that they are owed money in pensions and lost wages.

    Former President Michel Martelly, who left office in February to pave the way for an interim government in the absence of elections, repeatedly pledged to revive the military to protect Haiti’s land border, coast and few remaining forests. His preferred successor, Jovenel Moise, also supports that plan.

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