January 9, 10  2012

A group of Aristide/Lavalas terrorists from GROUP 117, one of the teams that received guns from Interior Minister St, Cyr, purchased with funds dedicated to Christmas toys for kids, took control of Grand Goave, looting the PNH Casserne commanded by Inspector Rosemond Aristide.  Group 117 was responsible for the 7 deaths and many injuries when they attacked Bel Aire a few days ago. St Cyr payed agitators to shout “abas Lamothe” at the Independence celebrations at Gonaives a few days ago.

He is being removed from the cabinet and may face criminal charges.

The band terrorized the mayor and surrounded the local Deputy’s home.

Their plan was to block the main road to the south and the terrorists were still in place during the night of the 10th.

Aristide, and his Lavalas associates are making trouble throughout the countryside.


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