October 21, 2010

Come on guys!!

Tell me the “fix” isn’t in.

Forget the phony Preval polls that show Manigat and Baker in first and second position when their real popularity is on the low single digits!!

It cannot be an affair of the heart, or a lower part of Preval’s anatomy.

None of the other candidates have received vehicles, other than Celestin who has all of the EDH trucks putting up posters and also carrying these plastered to their sides.  The transit buses have been taken off routes servicing school kids and used to transport Celestin people to rallies.

So this is a rather stupid and obvious proof of Preval’s plan to attempt installation of a puppet, with no popular support, in the presidential palace…MANIGAT!!

And the International Community remains mute.

The OAS leadership make public statements, to the effect that everything is fine and they have faith in the CEP.

Heaven help us and protect us from our friends!!!


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