October 10, 2010

Records recently uncovered, supported by an interview with jailed FRAPH leader Toto Constant,  reveal important ties between Jude Celestin and Colonel Michel Francois and Toto Constant, during the 1991-1994 Embargo period.  Celestin was one of the go-betweens that linked Francois with Emmanuel “Toto” Constant, leader of the paramilitary death squad that attacked Aristide and Preval’s Lavalas associates. Celestin was a major “Attache” serving directly with Francois.

These facts are known to the State Department and American Embassy.

Only in Haiti would you find a mortal enemy of the Aristide/Preval/Lavalas team standing as Rene Preval’s personal candidate for the presidency.

We will publish a photograph of Jude Celestin, Michel Francois and Toto Constant as soon as it is forwarded from Washington.


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  1. If you check the records, from that time, I think you will find Anacasis and Alexis were also involved with FRAPH.

    Alexis was a heavy Attache under Michel Francois and was involved with others. He had his Attache card issued from the Delmas Caserne and was very active. I saw him at Toto Constant’s house in company with Jodel Chamblain and Constant on at least five or six occasions.

    Where are the human rights people when you need them?

  2. Everyone knows Celestin was with Toto Constant in FRAPH. He was a big leader along with Michel Francois, Jodel Chamblain and Constant.

    Of course, the human rights people never bother with this.

  3. Gregoire, where you at Toto Constant’s house too? You must have been a spy who infiltrated FRAPH to know all these facts. The new Haiti we want to rebuild must abhor accusations that cannot be supported with facts.

    1. Once again- Just because you don’t agree with what you read, does not mean that it is not FACT.
      Jean, Your comment about the NEW HAITI should have read that
      The New Haiti we want to rebuild must abhor criminal associations and expose them all with facts…..

  4. I was there, at Constan’t house, on his personal invitation. I was a journalist at the moment and sat in a gathering of FRAPH people, including Celestin. There was no secret involved. Everyone was proud to be a FRAPH personnage. Sounds like you were also one otherwise you would not use the poor word SPY to describe my appearance internally.

    Constant is in prison while Celestin has killed and stolen yet remains free and a presidential candidate.

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