Duvalier Leaves HOSPITAL for HOME

09:30 Duvalier has left the hospital for home. Hundreds gathered in hospital grounds, and outside to cheer their President. The road from the hospital, through Petionville,and up the Kenscoff road to his house in Thomasin was blocked by crowds of people wanting to see him. Duvalier’s popularity is seen as a threat.  Because of this, Preval has placed him under house arrest in an effort to reduce his positive impact.

Duvalier is in danger because he is now seen as the Hope for Haiti’s future.



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2 thoughts on “Duvalier Leaves HOSPITAL for HOME

  1. If Duvalier really is popular, he should run for office in the next election, supposing, that is, they will be free and fair. Aristide would beat him hands down in any free, internationally verified election. I see absolutely no evidence to see that Baby Doc is anything but a decrepit has-been with sticky fingers.

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